flying: a poll

Hi, friends! I’m so happy the 30 day blog challenge is ovah! Thanks for following along. Now I have a dilemma I’d like your opinion on.

Here’s the background. My family rents a house on the beach on a great little island off the coast of South Carolina for a week during the summer every year. We’ve been doing it for many many years and it’s always a good time. DW, Monkey, and I did not go last year as he was still pretty young (6 months old) and now it is coming around again. My parents are dying for us to come, and frankly, if it weren’t for the flying thing, I’d be all over it. I know Monkey would have a blast on the beach hanging with his cousins (4 and 6) and it would be the first time my extended family would meet him (they are all in SC and GA). We’d have a ton of help from my family with Monkey, so it would be a vacation for us as well.

So what’s the downside? Well, first there’s flying with an 18 month old (that’s how old he’ll be – week of July 4th) during a holiday time. Then there’s the cost – the lowest fare I’ve see is around $500 per seat and we would like a seat for Monkey. Of course, we’d only be paying for our airfare – everything else would be picked up by my mom and dad. There’s also the fact that my extended family can be sort of…well…I’ll just say it. Racist and homophobic. And they love to get their drink on. Especially while on vacation. I know they wouldn’t say anything homophobic in our presence, but they did in the past before I “came out.”

So, what would you do?

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14 responses to “flying: a poll

  1. I would see if they can help with the cost and take it from there. If they can’t offer any help, I wouldn’t go. If they could, it depends on how much and if you think you could overall have a good time on the trip. There are things you can distract an 18 month old with on the flight, but it will still be a pain getting there and back, so it all comes down to…do you think it’ll be worth it?

  2. I would definitely go! Sounds like it would be really fun!
    From my time living in GA, I know how issues like racism and homophobia can get. But hopefully your relatives will not disrespect you guys while you are there. And everyone can have a great time!
    I have not flown with my LO yet, but from my friends that have, they say that having an arsenal of new toys to play with is a MUST! 🙂

  3. Jen

    Okay, did I just write this post? We have the same dilemma. We are looking to fly to GA over July 4th to visit Tiff’s dad. As I am writing this, I cannot remember what your home state is, but clearly driving is out.? Can you go with only 2 seats? We will probably only get two seats for Tiff and I because chunk will most likely be on our lap anyway and that is quite an expense for one little seat. What I am doing is stalking flights to catch the right time to buy. If you type in it gives you a price indicator and whether your location prices are changing. It is fairly correct because I have used it for years. I think if you can get reasonable fare, maybe only get two seats… I would go. A week on a beach sounds amazing and it overall sounds free, which is great. Family is family, and if they end up saying something, you never have to go back again. Good luck making a decision.

  4. Jdz

    I’d go. You said it yourself, it’s always a good time so why not now?
    Not paying for a hotel is a huge savings and if you’re not paying for food? That’s a good deal. We ended up buying a seat for Sadie for Florida ($400!) but it’s worth it IMO. Total pain in the ass to pay an adult fare, but oh well! I’d rather not suffer with a baby that wants to climb all over the place!

  5. We’re taking our wee one out to the East Coast this summer. He’ll only be 6 months so we opted to only buy 2 seats and deal with having him on our laps. It didn’t seem worth hundreds of dollars more for a few hours. I’ll have to let you know if we end up standing by that decision. I think I’d do it if I were you. Hopefully your fam will refrain from any inappropriate remarks. If they know how you feel, hopefully they’ll at least make an effort, and maybe you can make a habit of going for walks on the beach or going to bed/ up to read/ whatever early if you know they’re going to get trashed later in the evening.

  6. Living in GA I have never gone to any of the beaches here and until this past April. Everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. So I voted go…possible homophobic statements shouldn’t keep you away. If someone says something crazy just put them in their place in best way possible. The only thing that should keep you all away from this family vacation should be the price of the tickets. I really want to to Cali this year and the tickets are crazy expensive.

  7. 1) Vacations are important. If you generally like these people and you get time away from everyday life, you don’t have to pay for much, and you can get some help with the baby, it sounds like a good deal.

    2)We’ve flown with L something like 14 times. Don’t bother buying Monkey his own seat. He won’t use it and it’s a waste of money (save it for NEXT summer when you’ll HAVE to buy him the seat). Bring distractions, time the flight over nap time, and let him walk up and down the aisles chatting with people. Everybody loves a cute baby. Oh, and if you’re still nursing by then, nurse on take-off and landing. If not, offer a sippy cup.

    3) As for your family saying something racist or homophobic… well, there’s always the option to call them on it 😉

    Good luck!

    • glamcookie

      Oh, believe me that I call them on it. Doesn’t stop them and makes for a little bit of discomfort, but that’s the way it is. I am the lone liberal in a sea of conservatives on these trips and they all know it and have known it for years. I think I was more concerned about DW’s reaction, since this will be her first time in the middle of my extended family. I know she is not all that enthusiastic since I’ve told her some of the comments that have been made on trips past.

  8. Jdz

    I have to comment back and defend buying a seat. It depends on your kid. Our 1.5 hour trip on the Long Island Rail Road 6 months ago was enough to convince me that Sadie is not a lap
    baby. So if Monkey is well behaved you may want to try it. Sadie would drive us crazy if held her. No thanks. Also, you know I’ve researched this to death, right? Having your child in their own seat an FAA approved car seat is te safest form of air travel for children. Lap babies are allowed and it’s safe but this is safer and I’m
    exceptionally anal. I don’t want my baby to be my airbag or a projectile during turbulance, KWIM?

    • I agree. I can’t imagine not getting an 18 month old his own seat. Holy chaos!!

    • glamcookie

      Yeah, for us I think a seat for baby is essential. This is a 5 hour long flight. I’m hoping that by putting him in his carseat he’ll treat this as a long car ride for the most part and go to sleep. If he is in one of our laps, that ain’t gonna happen. For a short flight, I might take my chances (maybe).

      • Our longest flight with L was 5 hours, but he was 10 months old, so definitely different than an 18 month old! Glad Monkey likes his carseat and hopefully that will help with the nap situation!

  9. pomegranate

    this is definitely one of those situations where tam would say “let’s do it” and i would say “no way.” ultimately, i think you just have to go with your gut.

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