30 day challenge: day 23

Favorite vacation

Well, I’ve already talked about a bunch of them. I’ll use this one to name a vacation we take somewhat regularly that is not too far from home. We love to go up to San Simeon/Cambria and visit Hearst Castle and just chill out. We’ve been going as a couple for many years, and last October, we went for the first time with Monkey. We had a lovely time, though we skipped the Castle – won’t do that until baby is a bit older.

We usually sit on the beach for a day, just relaxing. We also do some strolling and shopping in Cambria, which is an adorable little town with lots of fun shops. There is also a great restaurant called Robin’s that we love. We stay at the Cambria Pines Lodge, where you can get suites. This works out really well at night with a baby. Baby can go to sleep in the bedroom and Mamas can hang out, light a fire, have a beer (or two), and play cards. It’s a good time.

Here are a few photos of various trips:


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  1. Claire

    Sweet! We visited there when I was a kid. My mother was a sucker for the stories about the Hearsts! It really is beautiful up there!

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