30 day challenge: day 22

Favorite city

This is kind of a tough one. I can think of 3 immediately! How about I do one U.S. and one non-U.S.?

Key West is my U.S. pick. I’ve been several times (with DW twice – once for our honeymoon) and always have a great time. While Key West is the ultimate destination, I also love Islamorada for a nice relaxing time. Unwind in Islamorada and get your party on in Key West!

Paris would be my non-U.S. pick. Of course, I’ve only been to a few places outside of the US, but I really (REALLY) loved Paris. It’s just so beautiful.

The third city I mentioned above is Boston. I LOVE Boston – even more than NYC, and I love NYC, too. We’ve talked about possibly relocating to MA, but I’m not sure we could handle the winters after living in SoCal for so long.

Oh, oh! I also love Charleston, SC. But we can’t live in SC as a gay couple. Ain’t happening. Still love that city, though!


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  1. I love Key West and am aching to go back there (only been once in my life). Boston is a great city as well, but too cold for me to want to live there. Haven’t been to the other two.

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