30 day challenge: day 16

Dream house

Lately I have been obsessed with the Zillow real estate app on the iPad, so this is kind of timely. Since we’re talking dream house, I’d like 5 bedrooms : master, 2 bedrooms for kids, an office, and a guest room. My dream house would also have a library with a big-ass fireplace and floor-to-ceiling built in bookcases with a sliding ladder (swoon!). I’d like 2 living areas; one for kids and one for adults.

In terms of the style of the house, I love older (20s) Craftsman-style homes and mid-century homes as well (you know the type, a pool in the back and the entire back of the house is glass so you get a pool view from every room). I’m not a big fan of stairs, so I’d like it all on one level.

I’d like a view of some kind (ocean, mountain, city skyline – I’m not too picky there). It would have a big fenced in back yard with a cool wooden play area and it would be landscaped with flowers (and come with a gardener to care for it all – I have a black thumb). A pool and spa would be great (fenced in, of course, to protect the kids). Since it’s a dream house, I’d like the pool and spa to look like a little lake or lagoon, with rocks and waterfalls and maybe the spa would be hidden in a little cove. I am dreaming here, people! While we’re at it, let’s throw in a firepit, too. Hell, also toss in an outdoor fireplace with a big patio area for nighttime entertaining.

I’m not sure where this house would be located as we have no idea where we’d like to eventually settle. Probably here in SoCal, but even then, we’re not sure of exactly where. Since it’s a dream house, maybe the Palisades, Beverly Hills, or the Hollywood Hills 😉


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