30 day challenge: day 15

Bible verse Monkey/me update 🙂

Monkey started swimming lessons last Friday and he LOVED it! He was in our pool last summer, but he was only 6-7 months old so I doubt he really remembers. The second we got in the water he laughed and splashed. We started with kicking and he did great. He even let the instructors take him briefly. We had so much fun.

We skipped today’s lesson as we had tickets to ride on Thomas the Train! Another fun adventure. We went with our friends S and M and their 2-year-old son. Monkey got a Thomas tattoo and kept pointing to it saying “Whoa” (wheel).

We are currently trying to transition from 2 naps to 1 with mixed results. It started decently with baby sleeping until 5:30-5:45AM and taking a nap from 11-12/12:30. For the last few days, though, he’s been up at ~3:30AM (!!!!) and then going back to sleep at 6 until 7-7:30. Mamas are dead bone tired. We’re only at 1 week of the new nap schedule so maybe it’ll straighten out? Please????

We are still talking about possibly starting TTC #2 this summer, but these insane nights have me wondering if I’m ready. We’ll see as we get closer. Still no period and lately Monkey is nursing like he’s a newborn. I wish he’d slow down – it’s getting kind of nuts.

DW was just talking about how lately we’ve met so many local two-mom families. Crazy and awesome! DW has a playdate on Monday with one that we met about a week ago. So cool! We are so lucky to be building such a community 🙂

Later I’ll do a protected post with pics of Monkey at swim class and with Thomas!



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3 responses to “30 day challenge: day 15

  1. Claire

    Sounds like you are all having such fun! Except for the nap thing of course! Is there a reason you’re going from two naps to one? I don’t know much about that whole subject of course. Good luck with TTC plans!
    Can’t wait till Isobel starts doing swimming – she loves splashing in the bath – a lot!!!

  2. 3:30! eek. That is as heroic time to be parenting. Oh jeepers. I think the switch to one nap is an up and down thing. Bee is a one nap a day, but sometimes takes a morning cat nap while on route somewhere ie in the car or baby carrier especially if she has gotten up early 5:30ish. The change from one nap to two didn’t have an impact on her morning wake up time.

  3. Curly’s natural sleep pattern went from two naps to one around 19/20 months. We just noticed he wouldn’t sleep anymore when we laid him down for that first nap in the morning. Waking up at 3:30am sounds BRUTAL! I hope you’re able to figure things out. The swimming lessons sound fun!

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