30 day challenge: day 13


While I definitely have some goals I’d like to reach, I’m happy to say that at 40, I’ve already achieved many of my goals. I’m married, have a child, finished my education (BA and MA), own a home, have no debt (other than mortgage), have established myself in my career, and bring in a good paycheck. I feel so fortunate to be able to say all of that (and quite proud of my/our accomplishments as well).

In terms of future goals, most of them are personal as opposed to professional:

  • First and foremost, to be as good a parent as I can be. I plan to put my child(ren) ahead of everything else, including my own career goals. We plan to schedule our work lives so that we are always home when our child(ren) are not in school. We planned and budgeted so that DW could be a SAHM, and hope to have DW work part-time when he (and any other child we may have) start school so that a parent will be home when he/they are out of school. I remember just loathing after-school care, so I hope to avoid it for my kid(s). I realize that life may throw a curveball or two, and that’s okay, we can adjust. This is just the ideal that we are working toward.
  • Buying a house is one that we hope to reach once DW returns to work. We are in a 2 bedroom condo now, which is just bursting at the seams. However, staying put allowed us to have my wife be a SAHM, which is totally, totally worth it. Still, I’m so looking forward to more room in the future.
  • Traveling is another important goal. We can’t wait to explore places we love and new places in the world with Monkey!
  • HAVE FUN! That is always a goal, no matter what you’re doing in life 🙂
  • In terms of my professional life, my goal is NOT to ever be a manager. Hahahahaha! Seriously though, I returned to school to avoid this. I hoped to develop specialized skills that would allow me to make a decent living doing something that interests me without ever having to move into middle management. I think that would suck the soul out of me and want to avoid it if I possibly can. I don’t have a goal to make more money as I make a very nice living and I’m not looking to invest a ton of extra time and effort into work. I’d rather invest it in my family and myself.


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3 responses to “30 day challenge: day 13

  1. I’m with you on your last goal. I’d like to be Senior, and see that happening within a couple years, but I don’t want to be a manager. Too much responsibility!

  2. Ditto on the PP. I was about to say the same thing. I really don’t want more responsibility than I already have being a parent. I’d much rather have a job that pays decent, love what I do, and then love coming home to be with my family – I really hate bringing work home… (which is hard for me now since I work from home! haha)

  3. Jen

    Great goals. I too never want to be a Director (my field has d’s not managers) because I like the flexibility and role of my current job. I literally cannot take work home, which is a plus!

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