30 day challenge: day 10

Something you’re afraid of

I can rattle off a number of superficial fears (snakes, the dark, heights), but my true fear is serious illness or the death of my child or spouse. Lately I’ve had a lot of anxiety about earthquakes (gee, I wonder why…). I imagine where I might go in the house at any given time to be safe (with baby, of course) should an earthquake happen. I imagine being trapped with baby, or worse, baby being trapped alone after an earthquake. I hate living on the first floor as I imagine the building collapsing on us. Now, I’ve always been afraid of quakes, but now that baby is here, it’s intensified.

I also cannot take hearing about child abuse or the death of a child, especially the murder of a child. Yes, these incidents have always been horrific, but I find myself imagining my child in the situation and it just haunts me. Sometimes I wonder if I still have a touch of the PPD as these thoughts can stay with me for a long time. Morbid much?


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  1. I love that rule. I used to love having the TV on ALL THE TIME – and still miss it sometimes, but am glad we’ve cut back. Unfortunately, cutting back is still a ton for me šŸ˜‰

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