30 day challenge: day 8

A place you’ve traveled to

DW and I love to travel and have been all over the US (Florida Keys, Boston/Cape Cod, New York, Seattle, Charleston [SC], Atlanta, all over California). In 2006, we went to London for about 10 days on my company’s dime (I had to give a training course). It was my first time out of the country (at 36!!!) and it was incredible. We took a day trip to Paris (SO not enough time) and a day trip to Bath during our trip.

While in London, we went to the British Museum (which was walking distance from our hotel), Westminster Abbey and the surrounding area, National Gallery/Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, the London Eye (haha), and a Jack the Ripper walking tour. London is a cool place and we had a great time soaking up all the history. We encountered quite a bit of anti-American sentiment there, and none at all in Paris. I would have expected the opposite based on what people tell you. Well, it was the Bush era, so I don’t blame them.

We took the Chunnel to Paris for a day and did a guided tour thingy. First they put us on a bus and drove us all around Paris showing us the sites (Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triumph, Champs Elysees), and then stopped at the Eiffel Tower so we could go up in it. Then they put us on a boat for a short ride around the Seine. Finally, we got back on the bus and headed out for a tour of Versailles. We were a little nervous about being in a country that speaks a different language so that’s why we did the super touristy thing. But we instantly fell in love with Paris and are DYING to get back there. Both of us stood there open-mouthed a few times just taking it all in. We enjoyed London, but Paris just took our breath away.

On another day, we took the train to Bath, which was great fun in itself. While there, we toured the Roman baths and walked all over the gorgeous little town. What a beautiful place.

When Monkey is old enough, we want to do a week in France (oh Paris, I can’t wait to explore you!) and a week in Italy (a place neither of us has been). I’ll leave you with the requisite Eiffel Tower photo:


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2 responses to “30 day challenge: day 8

  1. We LOVE London and are saving it for later in the blog challenge since there’s a ‘best vacation’ day. Never been to Paris though. Sounds like an awesome trip! BTW, we also went to London just prior to Obama and people were delightfully fascinated with us. Sorry you met with some rude Brits 😉

  2. So cute! I had a fantastic time in London as well. Hoping for Paris one day… Are you looking to travel more?

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