30 day challenge: day 5

your siblings…

I have one brother, who was born when I was 7. I was excited by the thought of having a little sister, but when a little brother arrived, I was less enthusiastic. Honestly, I think even if he had been a she, the reality of having a younger sibling wouldn’t have appealed to my 7-year-old self. I was used to being an only child; the center of attention. It really bothered me when my friends would come over to play and instead of playing, they’d want to ooh and aah over the new baby.

I wasn’t a very patient or involved big sister, and I feel badly about that as an adult. He was always my annoying kid brother and for the most part, I didn’t want him around cramping my style. We did have our moments, though. I remember my mom would send us to the movies on Christmas Eve day (so she’d have time to wrap gifts and stuff) and that was always fun. He occasionally slept with me and I used to sing to him, which he brought up to me in recent years. Once when my parents were out of town (I was 18, bro was 11), my boyfriend B had a big party at his house. I brought J with me and installed him in B’s room with his Nintendo, but he ended up outside with all of us. The cops came and J ended up in the house and I ended up outside. I quickly got to the nearest payphone and made sure he was in the house (he was and he was with B). When I got back to the house, J was SO happy to see me. Then he informed me that one of the cops that came to break up the party was his D.A.R.E. teacher at school. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It was SO not funny at the time, but it’s an awesome story now.

My brother and I aren’t close even as adults. When my family moved to Indiana, I was 19 and my brother was 12. So we only spent 12 years together as siblings in the same house. We’ve lived far apart for our entire adult lives. He married a woman that is difficult, to put it nicely, so that is a bit of a wedge between us (and between him and my parents, unfortunately). They have 2 adorable kids that I wish I were closer to (my parents are hugely involved with them).

I will end with a couple of shots of us. First is us as kids (circa 1977), second is us
as young adults (circa 1994):

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