30 day challenge: day 3

first love…

Hmmm, well there was my first love (age 17) and my first girl true love (age 24 – that would be my DW). I dated B from the age of 17-20 and have mostly good memories of my time with him. We met as seniors in high school. We attended our prom together – I should really post that picture (it was in 1988, so it’s pretty awesomely 80s). Anyway, after we graduated HS, he moved 3 hours away and we were apart for a year, but still exclusive. Then I moved to where he lived (we did not live together, however), and we dated for another year. His family sucked (distant mom, incarcerated brother, verbally abusive stepdad), so my family became a second family for him. He was always at our place. It was really nice. We broke up and got back together a few times toward the end, and then finally one day I was just over it and broke up with him for good. Many times over the next few years he told me that he wished we’d met when we were older as he thought I was really the one for him. Sweet, right? Not true on my end, of course, but still sweet.

DW and I met in college when we were 24 (yeah, we were on the 7 year plan – graduated with BAs at 26). I used to eavesdrop on her conversations cause she was just so friggin’ cool (in a band, into obscure indie music, cute, sarcastic, funny). She mentioned that Sebadoh was coming to town to someone and I turned and was like, “Where? I have to go!” That was our introduction. About a week later, our class was cancelled and I ran into her as I was leaving campus and was like, “Want to hang out?” We went to Chili’s and had margaritas and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. I was living with my boyfriend at the time, but my attraction to DW was too strong to let that stand in the way. That ended in a super messy, icky fashion, but it had to happen. Here we are 16 years later with a kid. And still inseparable. Loves!



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4 responses to “30 day challenge: day 3

  1. Claire

    What a cute story! Both stories actually, but the happy ever after one is of course the best!!!

  2. Claire

    PS need more details – like were you bi, lesbian or straight when you got together? Did you know this was different? Etc etc! Sorry to be a nosy cow but just curious really!

  3. Very cute/sweet stories… it’s funny how we remember the first time we met our DH/DWs and even the details like how it happened, what the day was like, etc… but sometimes I can’t remember what the F I did a couple hours ago!!! 🙂

    I wonder if your HS boyfriend ever found his true love, and ultimately a loving family to call his own.

  4. Jen

    What great stories! I am loving this 30 day posting–learning so much!

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