30 day challenge: day 2

Before I begin this oh so interesting post, let me address the questions/requests from my last one. Here are a few pictures of the orange room (no full room shots as it is a hot mess!). The last shot shows a commission we had done of ourselves and our two kitties at the time by Josh Howard. Love it!

@Claire: I found the Challenge on Jen’s blog.

@tumtumtree3: I work for a big software company (not Microsoft or Apple [I wish!]). I’m a Content Strategist/Information Architect. Big titles that essentially mean I work with content that is stored in databases and delivered in multiple ways (as PDFs, Help systems [what you get when you click Help in a product], Web content).

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name

Well, there really isn’t one! I needed something to convey that we are a lesbian couple trying to have a baby (when I started the blog). Initially I called it Two Girls’ Path To Pregnancy, but then we were pregnant and then had a baby so it needed to change. I wish I had thought it through a bit more and come up with something more unique and evocative.


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  1. Love the orange room and all the superhero things and you two as superheros. Way beyond cool.

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