30 day challenge: day 1

Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Hi! I’m a 40-year-old new Mama (Monkey is 15 months old). My wife is 41 and we’ve been together for 16 years (oof!). We met in college (both pursuing English degrees – her emphasis was Literature and mine was Writing). It was pretty much love at first sight, even though I was living with my boyfriend (!!!) at the time. A story for another time, that. We conceived our son after trying for 11 months – 5 IUIs, fibroid surgery, 1 IVF, 1 miscarriage and D&C, and 1 FET.

Recent picture (not that great, but the only recent one I’ve got without baby):

15 interesting facts:

  1. DW is an only child and would like for Monkey not to be.
  2. I have a brother who is 7 years younger than me. I have a niece (7) and a nephew (4).
  3. I used to write poetry and I miss it. It was really therapeutic for me. Several professors told me I should pursue an MFA in creative writing, which sounded SO FUN but not very practical.
  4. I have a Masters in Information Science from UCLA.
  5. DW and I spent our entire time in college in trailers as the English Dept building was unsafe due to the Northridge earthquake.
  6. I collect weird Japanese dolls and toys.
  7. DW and I are 1 of the 18,000 couples legally married in California.
  8. We volunteered at a juvenile detention facility before getting PG with Monkey.
  9. When I was 2, I was photographed getting a Christmas tree for the local newspaper and the tree lot used my picture in their ads for several years. When my brother was 2, he and my Mom were photographed buying Christmas ornaments and their picture was used in the shop’s ads for several years.
  10. We LOVE Disneyland and went for DW’s birthday every year pre-baby. We plan to continue the tradition for baby’s birthday when he’s old enough. Jan-Feb is a great time to go as the crowds are way down.
  11. We are big fans of classic film. Our house is overrun with DVDs (and CDs, for that matter).
  12. Our office is painted bright orange and is decorated in a superhero theme.
  13. I have published articles and spoken at conferences about my profession.
  14. My dad is from a family of 9 (7 kids).
  15. Prior to my fibroid surgery (which required me to have a c-section), my dream was to have a water birth.

And a couple of bonus tidbits I thought of after I posted:

  • Aside from our mortgage, we are debt-free (no car payments, credit card debt). And it feels SO good!
  • I would love to work at Netflix (movies and metadata!) or Zappos (shoes and metadata!). Nerd!


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5 responses to “30 day challenge: day 1

  1. Does this 30 day challenge include pictures of your office anywhere? I would love to see the orange superhero themed room!

  2. ditto on the request for a pic of the orange room!!

  3. Claire

    Where did you find the challenge? Really cool interesting info by the way!!! Go, Ms Debt Free!

  4. Would LOVE to see a pic of the office.

    Where DO you work/what do you do? 🙂

  5. Found you by way of “That’s A Lot Of Esses” and am totally tempted to jump in on the fun. These are so fun to read!

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