ttc #2?

I just got off the phone paying my yearly storage fee for the embies remaining from my IVF. We’re still talking all the time about the possibility of #2, and it feels more and more like we are leaning toward…doing it. Even in our sleep-deprived state, we love our little Monkey so much, we think we might regret not having another. I will be 41 in May, so we need to decide soon. I’m thinking about doing an FET in August. We would be putting in only one embie. We are only in the market for one more. At first, I was like, “WHA-HUH???” when DW said we should do 1, but she said even if we had to do multiple FETs, it’s still way less $ than you’d spend for an extra child. It made total sense to me, so that’s what we’ll do (if we do anything at all).
Issues to consider:

  • I still don’t have my period back, and Monkey doesn’t seem like he’ll be ready to wean anytime soon. Though I’ve heard that people can ovulate/get pregnant when breastfeeding/no period. Maybe I’ll put in a call to my RE just to get some answers.
  • We would want DW to continue being a SAHM, so this means we’d have to put our plans of moving into a bigger place on hold. We are in a 2 bedroom condo currently and are bursting at the seams. I guess we could get a storage space, and (finally) turn our office into a nursery for both babes (or continue to co-sleep and then who cares, right?).
  • I could be laid off any time. Then again, that’s always the case for everyone at any given moment, right?

Just writing this post has me in an anxious and excited mindset. Eep!



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8 responses to “ttc #2?

  1. Exciting!

    I totally think you can make a 2 bedroom work. We scrapped our office (mostly) when we made our baby’s nursery. Now we just have a bit of a crowded desk in the corner of the living room and our dining room table serves as my desk when I bring work home (i.e. nightly). It’s not bad at all.

  2. you can make two rooms work. shit, we’re going to have our first with 1 tiny room and may still be here for our 2nd. i know a few bloggers have twins in 1 room.

  3. Wow, exciting!!! Doing a single embryo transfer makes a lot of sense – we were a bit careless in that decision! πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to read along on the ttc2 journey!

  4. Monkey and Bee are on the long term nursing program for better or worse! Babies are addictive. I can see wanting more πŸ™‚

  5. Wow… I’m glad you have this opportunity, and I say take it! I say if the love is there, everything will fall into place no matter how possible/impossible it may seem at the time. Good luck with what you plan to do!

  6. Yay for #2! Cosleeping will totally solve the space situation… at least for a few years… Or you could move to Chicago where the cost of living is less πŸ˜‰

  7. Claire

    Oooh I’m glad I am catching up on your posts on the new blog! This is exciting! We are in a similar place space wise except we have a huge storage unit already! Long sad story!
    Looking forward to following this next part of the journey. If we TTC no 2 I will probably be about 44-45 when the baby is born! Heyulp! Don’t want Issie being an only with old decrepit parents though!

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