baby’s first cold

We consider ourselves very lucky that baby never caught a cold his entire first year of life. Then a couple of weeks ago, DW got sick. A few days later, I got sick. And a few days after that? Yup, baby got sick. He ran a slight fever and was really congested. The first night he was sick was just terrible and sad. He woke up every hour and would cry and cry and nothing we did would console him. Finally, we found a Yo Gabba Gabba on NickJr On-Demand and that did the trick. We don’t let him watch TV, so this was a first for him. (Sidenote: Now we let him watch a YGG every now and then. He just loves it!) The next day, he was cranky but the fever was gone and he was able to nap and go to bed normally, so it was a quick cold at least. The hell of it? The bad night was the night we went back to Daylight Savings – we were hoping to pick up an extra hour of sleep in the mornings, but the cold threw him off so we are still at 4-4:30AM. Groan.

We’d really like to switch him to one nap as that might help with the early wakings, but how do you do that when he’s starting his day so early? He’d never make it to 11 or 12…

(Every post finds its way back to the sleep issue.)


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2 responses to “baby’s first cold

  1. Jen

    Chunk has random sleep patterns as well and since moving up classrooms in December, takes one nap a day. Overall he is doing pretty well although some days they say he falls asleep playing! Sorry for the cold but having a first cold only now is amazing!

  2. Next in Line

    Wow you really lucked out in the healthy baby department, but ouch on those early mornings. 4am is not is not even morning.

    Bee has just moved to one nap a day, but often needs a cat nap when she starts her day early. Last week it was 5:15 every morning. What we would do is take her out somewhere either in the car, carrier or stroller and she would sleep for about 20 min. We would wake her up when we go to where ever it was we were going. It was just enough sleep so that she could make it to her regular nap time of 11:30/12:00.

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