As regular readers of my blog, you all know that Monkey has been standing unassisted and taking a few steps here and there on his own for the last month or so. However, his primary mode of transportation remained cruising or crawling. Well, that has all changed! Last Thursday, DW was working with him on his walking and called me into the room. She was standing him up on the opposite side of the room from her and he was taking 6-10 steps all the way into her arms! Exciting! He did it over and over again until bedtime and the next day, he was a total walker. Now he toddles all over the place, hands held at about eye level, and he rarely crawls or cruises. It is so cute! If you don’t believe me, check out the vids in my next post! Those without a password, email me (gloomcookie5 at yahoo dot com).

Monkey has also taken to wearing shoes lately. We took him to the children’s shoe store in the mall and they measured him at a 6. We picked up a pair of velcro Converse and it has been going great getting them on his chunky feet. Walking in them is no problem either, though if he had his way, I think he’d prefer to be barefoot. Little Monkey!

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  1. Jen

    Glad you figured out the shoes! He has big feet!!!! Chunk wears a 5 and they are still really big on him. That makes for a good solid foundation. 🙂

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