leaving baby

Well, we finally did it. We left baby with MiL on Sunday and saw Black Swan (we liked it, didn’t love it). It went pretty well. Baby napped most of the time, but was up for an hour or so with MiL. He cried a bit when he figured out we were gone, and refused to be put down or to play while we were gone. So clingy, but not hysterical. Not a terrible first babysitting experience.

We did Sunday as we are going to see a band on Thursday night and are planning to have MiL hang with babes for that (Best Coast, if you’re interested :). I’m a little more anxious about this one as I think he’ll wake up somewhere around 10PM (his norm) and we won’t be there. I doubt she’ll be able to get him back to sleep, so he’ll probably be awake until we get home (probably around 11:30PM). I guess it’s not the end of the world, right? I hope he doesn’t lose it completely since he’ll be tired and all that. This baby stuff is hard!


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3 responses to “leaving baby

  1. >Congrats! I found the first couple of times we went out to be pretty hard but it gets easier. So easy that we've even left the country without her. (;And Black Swan was strange, wasn't it? I think it could have been so much darker and that would have made it excellent. It did have enough edge for me.

  2. >We've got a bootleg copy of Black Swan we've been meaning to watch. Maybe over the coming weekend.And congrats on getting out! Not sure when the first time we'll be able to leave our little guy will be. I guess it depends somewhat on if/when Jen starts pumping so he can take a bottle.

  3. >Congrats on being able to have a date! We left Liam alone for the first time with someone OTHER than immediate family a couple weeks ago for just about 1.5 hours and he cried most of the time. Apparently, the trick for him was to have a picture of me and my husband readily available. Liam instantly stopped every time he saw the photo!

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