random questions – edited

Does your baby wear shoes? We have a hell of a time getting them on S’s fat Fred Flintstone feet! It’s a bummer because we have several pair of cute shoes (he’s a size 4, we think…), but he never wears them because we have such a hard time getting them on. Any tips?

Is your baby now in the regular bathtub on his/her own? I get in with him as we have done for many many months now. He is constantly trying to stand up, jump, put his face in the water, etc., etc. Just curious if other’s LOs are on their own in there and how it’s going.

We hate the splat mat we are currently using (it was some cheapie one we picked up at Babies R Us). Anyone have one that they like?

Edited to add that a splat mat is a mat you put under the high chair so food doesn’t get all over the floor. The one we have is a thin plastic and it’s a pain to clean and has to be folded up every time. I’m thinking we need something a little thicker and with no pattern (some cutesy pattern on ours makes it near impossible to find spills to clean them up).



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  1. >1. Yes, Ryan always wears shoes when we go out. He likes to be able to walk to/from the car and the house. And, depending on where we go, we'll hold his hand and let him walk while we're out and about.2. I've only bathed with Ryan twice. The first time he was a tiny infant and pooed in the water. Fun! The second time was the first time he was in the big, regular tub (to help ease him into it) and, believe it or not, he pooed again!! He has bathed in the big tub alone now for quite a while. We have a no standing rule. If he stands, he gets redirected back to sitting. If he stands again, he comes out. He learned quick and now will only stand when he wants to be done :)Generally, we put him in and wash him right away, and then let him play. He can explore and splash and flop and whatever else as long as he doesn't get up! It works well for us.3. We don't use a plat mat, so no advice here!PS-I love your header picture!

  2. >1. We always put shoes on Liam when we go out because he walks everywhere. He has wide/big flintstone feet (unfortunately takes after me!) but we can still hit him in regular shoes. Sometimes when he's not walking (like in the carseat) he will fuss until we take them off.2. We're in the regular tub, but Liam is content with sitting in one spot and playing with the water/toys. Not sure what a splat mat is…

  3. >Boots. Bee is obessed with boots and wears them non stop in the house and on the potty. She will even try to put two pairs on. For the bath she now does sometimes bath solo. We have a giant crocodile non slip mat from ikea. Cheap and good. I find if the water is shallow there is less standing up. What is a splat mat?

  4. >1. Sadie wears shoes when we go out but it's only been within the last month or so that she's taken to them. Our best success has been with Stri.de Rite lace up. She can't get them off! And yes, her shoes are hard to put on! We've found that we need cheaper socks because the good thick ones with the rubber dots wouldn't fit. She's a size 5-5.5!!!2. We co-everything in our house. (; Sadie bathes with Momma or Mommy in the big tub. She's not a splasher but does stand. Since we have a soaker tub it's more like a pool for for. Not sure when we're going to transition out of this. We're not "every night before bed" bather because she gets dry skin. Mostly 2-3 per week. 3. No splat mat for the very reason you hate yours. I'd red negative reviews so we didn't bother. We invite my moms fog upstairs to clean-up big messes.

  5. >Have you tried Pediped shoes? Our little guy is too small to wear shoes still, but I liked the soft sole design and the ones we ordered looked like they will fit a wider foot. We mostly co-bathe our baby, but again, he's only wee. Finally, the real reason I replied, I've heard that oil cloth works well as a splat mat. I believe you can get yardage at places like JoAnn's Fabric both plain and with designs.

  6. >Hi! Our boys are about the same age. 1. Owen's been wearing shoes to daycare and out since he started walking – about 3 months ago. He is a 5 1/2 shoe! GAH!2. Owen bathes by himself in the tub, with us sitting along side. When he does try and stand up, we firmly sit him down and correct him. If he does it again, bathtime's over. That seems to have made an impact.3. We, sadly, have not gone the splatmat route. We clean the floor. Every day. 🙂

  7. >1. L wears shoes when we go out because a) it's cold and b) he likes to walk wherever we are. We use StrideRite with velcro for easy-on/easy-off. It took him a while to get used to the feeling, but now he's all good.2. L is in the tub by himself and has been for several months. I used to bathe with him every time when he was teeny, but once he graduated to the inflatable tub, he's been on his own and loves it. I will sometimes get in there with him just to play. He does stand up in the bath, but we have a no-slip mat so it doesn't seem terribly dangerous.3. We are splat-mat free. I strongly recommend investing in a dog.

  8. Jen

    >Chunk wears shoes everyday, in the house and out. He is so stocky and heavy footed that it helps with his balance and non-slipping. I am a huge fan of Robeez soft-soled shoes and Stride Rights. SRs make WIDE sizes so you may check there. Chunk has been in the big bath tub since about 6 months, once he was able to sit up on his own. He loves the bathtub and playing, although he does stand up every now and then. We have a splat mat from BRU as well and I don't mind it too much.

  9. >I can't help much with the shoes issue, our Emma has tiny feet at 15 months she's still wearing a size 2. She does wear shoes when we go out but takes them off promptly in the car seat. We found shoes at Walmart that have clear windows in the bottom so you can see how they fit. That has really helped us. Emma bathes in the big tub most of the time on her own but she also still bathes in the sink from time to time mostly just to play in the water.Instead of a splat mat I use one of our kitchen rugs under her high chair. She rarely has "wet" foods so it's easy to pick it up and shake it into the garbage and I can throw it in the washer as needed to keep it looking good.

  10. >1. Bird wears shoes all the time. We have hardwood everywhere and since it's winter, she needs to have socks on. Socks only + hardwood floors = bad. In the summer, I'm sure we'll let her go barefoot more. 2. She's been in the bath by herself since about 12mo old. She gets taken out if she stands, so she quit standing. 3. No splat mat. Somewhere along the line, Bird decided it was fun to clean the floor, so we let her do that after meals! (Was just thinking of blogging about that actually!)

  11. >I'd like to add to my original comment about the shoes since I didn't really give any tips…I second all the previous comments about the Stride Rites. Liam has a pair that we use all the time. They fit great and are easy to get on. If Shane just doesn't like putting the shoes on, maybe wait until he's in the car seat and put them on. We do that a lot since he likes to ride in the car with no shoes. The car seat restrains keep him from squirming and he usually is distracted by what's outside the window anyway. 🙂 I hear that walking around barefoot is better for foot muscle development anyway. :)Good luck!

  12. >we use pedoodles for bubbles. they REALLY work for her huge wide feet. nothing else were we able to get on without a major battle. we also have thin, no tread socks for when she has on shoes and then we put the tread socks on when we are in the house – we don't wear shoes in the house, so she doesn't either.we have found that less water means she sits better. for her more water made her float/slip a bit and she would cry and try to stand. she is lucky if she gets one a week. that said, we wash her hair almost every day in the highchair with a soft cloth and shampoo because she runs her VERY gooey hands through her hair several times at each meal.

  13. K

    >Our kiddo has extremely wide, fat feet. I'm pretty sure we're about as far out on the spectrum as you can get because we took him to Stride Rite for a fitting and they said even their XW were too narrow for him. (And they were right, we tried.) We have had some success with Pedoodles, but only the widest styles, and some with Preschoolians, but again, only the widest fits – we had to send 2 pairs back before we found one that worked well. (They discontinued the ones that ended up working, but these are almost the same: http://preschoolians.com/running-jumping-barefoot-warm-up-velcro-brown-navy–1585) Our #1, hands-down, super-favorite shoes are Soft Stars (www.softstarshoes.com). Almost all of their shoes are offered in wide sizes if that is enough for you, and if you need something wider, you can send in Shane's measurements for a custom order. They even have an instructional video on their site to show you how to get the measurements. They cost a little more than Pedipeds and are comparable in price to Preschoolians. We just accept that E is genetically prohibited from wearing "normal" cheap shoes, just like his Mama. Ha ha!Good luck!

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