work woes – updated

Well, I’m seemingly in big trouble at work for something that is only partially my responsibility. I have been slacking (mainly because I’m not sure what my role is anymore since I returned from maternity leave, but also due I think to sleep deprivation and a bit of P-P depression) and know that I have not been performing my best. However, the team I’m working with is a nightmare and not only that, they are in the UK, so 8 hours ahead of the US – this makes meeting with them extremely difficult. My boss sent me a scathing email (something she does to others sometimes without provocation) and we are meeting at 2. Joy. I’ve been in tears all morning. Need to keep my composure on this call and hope that she sees that it is not all my fault. Working plus motherhood is hard.

I IMed her at 2 to let her know I can call her or she can call me and here’s what she wrote back:

hi, i’m with [big boss]. don’t worry about a thing. we will fix it. thank you so much for calling me right away. i think we will have to plan how to do even more of their work for them.

WTeverlovingF? I told her I still wanted to talk about it as I have some ideas for resolutions, but of course, I haven’t heard from her yet. I make great money, have awesome benefits, and a really flexible work schedule (why do you think I’ve been there for 10 years?). Still, sometimes I think it’s so not worth it…



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7 responses to “work woes – updated

  1. >Ugh. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. It doesn't sound like your boss is very professional at all to send an e-mail like that. Hopefully she can understand your position. Also, I've worked with a company in the UK and the timedifference is a major PITA. It's such a hard adjustment when you're used to face to face or picking up a phone. Good luck with your meeting.

  2. >Work problems suck any which way you look at it. I'm sorry this is hitting you in such a bad way.I hope there's a better solution for it.

  3. >Ugh! I had a similar kind of situation while I was still in my baby haze. It sucks to feel that level of anxiety. And yeah, scathing emails are terrible.

  4. >Ugh – sorry you're dealing with so much work stress. I think it's great that you're being proactive and still want to talk to your boss about it. I hope it goes well!

  5. >Wow, that's just weird!! What kind of work do you do? I hope this is an opportunity to clarify your role and get your boss on your side. Good luck!

  6. >Uh… She's nuts….!?!?

  7. >ugh! but it sounds like it's the people in UK she's mad at and not you?as for unprofessional manner, well that's not surprising to me. i find the higher in the ladder people get, the worse at their job they seem to be.

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