more must haves

I thought I’d do another “must haves” list now that we’ve reached a year. These are items we’ve purchased or received within the last 6 months that we have loved.

  1. Chicco Hook On Chair
    Our place is small so we opted not to get a high chair. We got the Fisher Price seat as a gift at our baby shower and while it’s nice, I prefer the Chicco. Mainly because it puts baby up at table-level rather than lower in a seat. It is also more portable and comfy since it’s cloth instead of hard plastic. Cleanup is a bit harder (need to throw it in the wash fairly frequently), but I really love this seat!

  3. Tiny Diner
    This is a great product when you are out at restaurants. Most restaurant high chairs just pull up to the table, meaning there is no tray for baby and he/she has to eat off the table. This has suction cups that grip onto the table’s surface to keep it in place. It is clean and cute and we love it.

  5. Tails book
    Baby got this for his birthday and it has become his most favorite book (and he LOVES his books, so that means something). It has touch and feel, flaps, and pulls – all the things little hands love. It’s adorable to boot. I just noticed there are more books like this by the same author. I think we need more!

  7. Tub mat
    I won’t link to one as I think they are all similar (let me know if you feel that you have a superior one), but this was an essential as S likes to jump and jive in the tub. This helps it not be so slippery.

  9. Ergo baby carrier
    I got mine on for $70 and I’m so glad I did. You may remember that I had S in the Ergo for Comic-Con back in July and it worked out great. He was comfy and close to Mama, and napped when he needed to with no problems at all. Sometimes the stroller is just too much trouble. If you want one, keep an eye on BabySteals as they come up somewhat regularly!


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4 responses to “more must haves

  1. >I dont have any of these…. That must be remedied! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. >LOVE the tiny diner. We eat out a lot (shame on us) and I was getting sick of wiping down the table and hoping for the best. Also a fan of Tails which is missing in our house. We also have Heads and it is a current fav of Sadie's. Unfortunately she is rough with books and it could now be called Headless. My girl loves the paper food group!

  3. >The ergo is the gift that keeps on giving. Love it. And the tiny diner used to be great, until he figured out it was more fun to pull it off the table ๐Ÿ˜›

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