10 things

I was tagged by Jen at Adventures of Jen, Tiff and Mr. Munchkin to list 10 things about S that most bloggers wouldn’t know. This should be fun!

Tagging J and DZ to find out more about Miss Sadie, and Next in Line for fun facts about the Bee.

1. S’s donor is from the same small Southern town as my parents, totally by coincidence.

2. S has recently learned to lift Mama’s shirt when he wants some milk. He also does a funny little laugh when he sees that it’s time for Mama milk.

3. Bathtime is always with Mama in the tub with S, and Mommy out of the tub doing the washing. S is a big jumper and will happily do so in the bathtub, which makes us too nervous to put him in alone. Mama doesn’t mind (I love the tub and sometimes we have California Baby bubble bath!).

4. We made a photo book for S to explain the donor issue. It is so cute and has pictures of us, S, family members, and the donor (who is anonymous, btw). S seems to enjoy it, though of course he doesn’t understand it yet. I figure it’ll get us more comfortable and used to discussing it to do it this way.

5. Mommy taught S to growl/snarl several months ago and he loves doing it. I think it startles people sometimes, but we love it. He sounds like a little monster baby!

6. S thinks sneezing is really funny. Whenever he does it he immediately smiles and does a little gurgling sound.

7. S loves to play hide and seek (he is always the seeker). It brings on the laughs and crazy smiles.

8. The two things baby hates most are getting strapped into his carseat and having his diaper/clothes changed. As these things happen often, it is quite frustrating for both baby and mamas.

9. If mamas are having food that is in any way different from baby’s, he gets angry. He reaches for our plates and yells out. Fortunately, this is not a frequent occurrence as most meals are for all of us. We’ve had to stop with the shrimp Caesar salads for now 🙂

10. We think that potty training S might go fairly smoothly. He hasn’t peed with his diaper off in months (used to happen a lot), he never poops his diaper overnight, and he poos pretty regularly around 7AM. Maybe coincidence, but it seems like he has some awareness around it. Here’s hoping!


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  1. Jen

    >You totally need to video/post the snarl! That is awesome. Chunk gives a laugh/dance when it is nursing time too! So cute!

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