december bits

I swear, S has a talent for having terrible nights when we have plans the next day. Today is his new buddy O’s birthday party (this is the son of the 2 mom family we met a few months ago). What time was Mr. S up for the day? 4:01 AM, after tossing and turning and keeping me up all night long. Argh. Here’s hoping he wakes up in a good mood from his morning nap.

I have developed a big crush on a girl’s name. It is so perfect – not in the top 1000, unique without being too out there, strong and kind of unisex sounding (though it is a known valid name and it is a girl’s name). I was getting sad because the girl’s name we had picked before we knew we were having a boy is gaining in popularity thanks to a certain TV show. We’ll see if we decide to go for #2 and if it’s a girl. We are still going back and forth on whether we want to have another. Sometimes I’m envious of straight couples who just have “oops” moments. This planning every last detail thing is too hard!

We have our tree up and S is being really good with it. We have a TON of ornaments, so we decided to do a plush/unbreakable ornaments tree this year. It looks really cute and is nice in that S can pull stuff off the lower branches and we don’t care. We put larger plush ornaments and small stuffed animals down low specifically for this purpose.

S’s birthday party is next Saturday. We aren’t going too crazy with it. It’s nice that our house is already decorated and festive and will require very little to make it work for his gathering. We have a ton of baking to do this week!

Edited to add a big congratulations to 2 Chicks 1 Hatchling on the birth of their daughter! In a funny coincidence, their daughter’s name is the one I mention above as our pick had S been a girl 🙂


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7 responses to “december bits

  1. >Very cute! I am dying to know that name… not too long now!

  2. >I want to know the name so you're going to have to have a second. lol Will you tell us your popular girls name? I'm going to put in a guess at Addison or Hannah? And I agree that I wish we could have an oops moment. I'm sick of planning.

  3. >I'm not quite ready to let the other name go yet as it would be perfect with Shane, but it is not Addison or Hannah 🙂

  4. Next in Line

    >I was going to ask how the heck did you get him to sit on Santa without crying and then I saw the second picture. What a guy. I am also dieing of curiosity about your perfect name.

  5. >Hmmm… Popular due to a tv show and not Montanna or Private Practice (there's A LOT of Addison going around). Have to admit I was super annoyed when I found out there is a Sadie on Grey's Anatomy. (;

  6. >Don't know what the TV show is since I don't really watch TV, but I have LOVED the name Quinn since I was a child and Quinn Cummings was a brief childhood star. Great choice!Love the photos–classic!

  7. >hmm..super curious about the name…we could use some suggestions! :)the santa pics are great!!

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