birthday bits

In other news, we are busily planning baby’s Winter Onederland party. We have switched the colors from blue/silver/white to red/silver/white as it will match our house better (hahahaha). We’ve also ditched the chili plan (could be too messy) and are instead getting a platter of sandwiches, fruit, and various nibbles. Still doing the hot cocoa thing and also cider. It’s gonna be a full house – we have around 25 adults and 7 kids coming. Our place is not that big! The guest list just kept expanding. Hopefully it won’t be too crowded in here…

S is teething like crazy right now. Several molars seem to be coming in and he is hurting, poor guy. Sleep has gotten a bit nuts again – it had gotten a little better (5:15-5:45AM wake time instead of the old 4AM), but the last few days have been back to 4AM. Argh. Those teeth need to just come on in already!

I’m gearing up to stop daytime nursing (sob) when he turns 1. I plan to continue nursing at bedtime and morning, but I’m just over pumping. Here’s hoping he takes to regular milk. On that note, anyone know how to make the transition? Do you combine breastmilk with cow’s milk for a bit or just go cold turkey to cow’s milk? We’re also not having much luck with the sippy cup. Need to get that going.


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  1. >Congrats on the Golden Boobies!! :)For us (although my LO was FF) we made the switch gradually. He seemed to take well to the whole milk fine, but I wanted to combine the last bit of formula with whole milk so that I wouldn't waste the final bit of formula. It was a pretty smooth transition for us. But all babies are different.The sippy cup took some time with us. He didn't know how to tilt the cup up for the longest time. So we had to get straw sippy cups at first (Nuby makes some good straw cups). Then he figured out the tilting and we bought him the soft spout cups. He is thriving on those now.Good luck! 🙂

  2. Jen

    >Did I write this post? 🙂 our lives are crazy parallel right now. (although we are doing blue and silver for the party!) I think I have decided to transition to organic cow milk by mixing it first as half-half with bm. Chunk has been drinking from a sippy for months so that is not the issue, temperature is the issue. I have been trying to get him to drink straight bm in a sippy, but cold like moo milk, and no-go. I think I am going to start with room temp bm, then add cold moo-milk to that, then go to cold moo milk. We will see how it goes. Happy planning and I hope those teeth come in soon!!!!!

  3. >Thanks for the pic! (; LOL So adorable!!Have you tried different sippy cups? We bought Born Free because we liked their bottles but the Sippy version was awful. Sadie used it as a weapon until oneday I tried it and realized how hard it was for her. We've also tries Nuby but Sadie's favorite is this cheapo one that came in a 1st bday goodie bag. I think it's walmart brand. Anyway.. if you haven't, try different ones and maybe Shane will find one he likes too.

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