first birthday

After much discussion, we have settled on a theme for S’s first birthday party: Winter ONEderland. Winter is our favorite time of year and baby’s birthday is a few days before Christmas, so it’s a good fit. We got these invitations, with matching thank you cards and month labels for displaying pics of S from birth-1 year.

And we are going to get this outfit for S to wear:


It will be a small mostly family gathering at our place. We’re planning on using a blue/silver/white color scheme and we’ll decorate using snowflakes, snowmen, and other wintery (but not Christmasy) items. Thinking about doing a hot chocolate bar with mix ins for kids (marshmallows, whipped cream, etc.) and adults (Baileys!). Still need to figure out food (I’m thinking maybe a big pot of turkey chili and snacky stuff). We’re also doing small bags of brown sugar cookies in snowflake and 1 shapes for favors. Any other ideas out there?

I’d love to hear about others birthday ideas, too! One – too crazy!


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7 responses to “first birthday

  1. >I was just about to post about this! Your theme sounds like a lot of fun (are we invited?) 🙂

  2. H2

    >Cute! What a great idea. Our daughters birthdays are in early spring and I always have a hard time with themes.

  3. >Love those ideas! So cute without being over the top… And it sounds like fun.

  4. Jen

    >What a great theme! We don't have a theme yet, but I just sent out evites this morning for chunk's birthday party on December 18th! crazy, huh…where did the time go? For his party, we are using the museum where I work because we have a large auditorium that we decorate for the holidays. (our baby shower was here too–easy, nice, free) We have LOTS of family and some good close friends that will come, around 55-60 people! For the 12-15 kids, we are having a Santa come to take pictures and tell him their christmas lists… so, our will be more holiday I guess, but I will add some type of First Birthday theme to the mix as well.

  5. >I don't have any ideas to add because those are all great! Sounds like it'll be a fantastic first birthday for all in attendance.

  6. >We're just doing a very small get together so no theme… although if we were I think it would be Snow White. (:I tried to buy Sadie that same outfit today but I couldn't get it in her size. The crazy thing was that the sales person said she thought she'd sold "it" already and that they'd just come in that day. Only ONE per store in 12-18 months? lol

  7. Mec

    >Long time reader, I have enjoyed following your blog. So my suggestion for the party would be to make a chili buffet. Our family does this and not only is it tasty it looks great. We include traditional items such as cheese, onions, tomatos as well as less traditional offerings. These include shredded coconut and alomonds. It sounds crazy but the sweetness of the coconut goes so well with the spicy hot sauce and chili. We call this Snow On The Mountain. And for what its worth – you two mommas need some mommy time alone, without the sweet baby! And leaving our children in the care of others teaches them that there are other people out there that love us and them, and are capable of taking care of them. It builds their confidence in others. If there was a time when you both had to leave him for a bit (someone was ill, ect.) he would feel safe and comfortable with the other people in yall's life. Its a good gift to give our kids. Any way about it, I know your great momma's. Lucky Boy that Shane!

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