band days

Before I blog about my time spent fronting an indie rock/pop band, I thought I’d clarify that we have never left S with anyone, including family members, since he was born. Now do you think we’re whack? I sort of do – we need to have a Mamas night out! Also, here’s another “normal or whack” for you: Whenever the 3 of us ride in the car, I still sit in back with baby while Mommy drives us around…

Now to J and DZ’s comment wondering about my band days. I met my wife during my second stint in college (while I was living with my boyfriend – but hey, that’s another story…) and she had just started forming a band with a guitarist and drummer (DW played bass). DW had auditioned and come close to being the bassist in Hole and then in Belly, but then decided to join a new band when she didn’t land either gig. She and the guitarist sang, but they weren’t thrilled with either of them being the singer, so they were looking for someone. I hadn’t actually been in a band before, but I had played around with some high school friends singing and writing lyrics so I was curious to try it. I tried out and they let me in. We named the band after this book– we wanted something space-themed. We had a similar sound to Veruca Salt, Madder Rose, the Breeders (we wish!), etc.

The wife and I hooked up pretty quickly after meeting/me joining the band, so I have very fond memories of that time. FAV was together for about 5 years and during that time we played around LA including places like the Troubadour, Spaceland, and Martini Lounge. We recorded two demos – the first at the great Record Plant and the next at the equally cool Westlake Audio. The Record Plant studio we used had just been used to record Hole’s Celebrity Skin. The Westlake studio we used had a lounge called the Bubbles Lounge as that is where Michael Jackson kept his chimp Bubbles when he recorded there. So, we had the full star treatment at both facilities. It was so incredible. Even though we never got signed or did anything truly of note, just getting to record in such amazing places was really effin’ cool. The guy who produced the recordings was a sound engineer looking to break into producing and he liked our stuff so he got us the deals.


I never really liked playing live, but I really miss singing, writing songs, and recording. It was so much fun! I was a poetry writing major, so writing lyrics came pretty naturally and it was such a cool creative outlet. I tried taking guitar lessons as I always thought performing would be so much easier (and look so much cooler) if I played, but I never devoted the time I needed to. Bummer as we could still be playing/writing if I could. Honestly, I don’t think I’m all that great a singer, but I’m pretty proud of my lyrics and song writing abilities (I “wrote” all my own vocal parts). Wish I could do that for a living! Britney, call me!




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  1. Jen

    >That's awesome, you rock star! Btw, one of us (usually Tiff) rides in the back with chunk while the other drives… you're not whack. But yes, you need a date.

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