normal or whack?

Weigh in, peeps!

  • I have been nursing for 10.5 months now and have yet to get my period. Just curious how other bfing mamas compare.
  • S is 10 months old and we have never left him with a sitter.

I’ll add more items as they occur to me as I’m sure I have many.

ION, we have a play date set up on Saturday with the Mamas we met at Gymboree a few weeks back. So looking forward to it! We need some new Mama friends as much as S needs some friends with 2 Mamas (try saying that five times really fast)!

While I am not currently participating, can I just say how much I’m loving NaBloPoMo? New content all the time! Love! I’ll try go post more often this month, too, so I’m not too much of a hypocrite 🙂 On that note, feel free to ask me any nagging questions you might have to give me something to blog about.


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9 responses to “normal or whack?

  1. Next in Line

    >No period and we are just at 11 months of nursing. Yes. I love it. Bee hasn't really been with a sitter, but my family babysits. I don't know if that counts or not. She takes a long time to get comfortable with new people so babysitting feels like a lot of work.

  2. >Wow. I am jealous! I am breastfeeding and got my period 6 weeks after giving birth… almost to the day. My midwife said that's the earliest Moms usually get it. Joy.

  3. >I just got my period this week, and that's only because L started regularly sleeping 10+ hours at night w/o nursing, I think. I was really excited… for the first hour, until I remember that having a period totally sucks.We've never left L with a babysitter or anyone who we aren't very close to.So I would say definitely not whack to either of those. 🙂

  4. Jen

    >No period yet… I am completely jealous! I have been breastfeeding 10.5 months too but I got mine 6 weeks after giving birth, a month early, so technically 2 weeks after my due date! I was bitter and mad for months! The only people we have left chunk with (besides his daycare) are our moms. Both have watched him a few times, but that is it. I cannot imagine leaving him with a sitter! (no judgement, just personally couldn't do it!) not whack, just really lucky!!!!

  5. >My period came almost a month exactly after I night-weaned, 10.5 months. Still nursing/pumping all day and it hasn't been regular yet. No babysitters here, other than grandma and aunts – and even those are limited to a few times. When I'm not a work, I want to be with my baby!! There is no way I'd trust a teenage babysitter or non-family member – I'm too much of a control freak!

  6. >I got my period about a month after I stopped nursing (at 9.5 months). I didn't miss it at all.Since we don't have family close, we have a close small network of friends that watch Owen occasionally after he's gone to bed (so we can do dinner out). We trust them implicitly, and have no problem being away for a few hours.

  7. >I've left Sadie with my mom once for house business and once for going to a movie – which I hated the entire time. I wouldn't leave her with a real sitter. Possibly ever… or maybe when she's like 17. (;I'd love to read more about your rocker chick days. Are you still in a band?

  8. >Oh, I left her with my cousin once too. Totally forgot!! So yes, I guess I have used a sitter before she's 17! My cousin is a nurse (right out of school, 22 years old) and one of the most gentle people I know. I would leave Sadie with her again. She's generally a lazy, bratty 20-something buy she's good with babies!

  9. K

    >You are not alone on the BF = no AF business, and I'm just as jealous of you as I am of all of your counterparts. 😉 I had my first PP period about one month after I stopped spotting, which ended up being when E was about 2 months old. My friend's son is 14 months old and she JUST got her period. It's amazing how much variation there is.

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