The family went on a lovely weekend getaway to Cambria (central California coast). We pretty much have been going yearly for ten years or so, but it was our first time with S. We all had a great time! We stopped in to see our friends in Santa Barbara on our way up for lunch on Friday and baby had fun playing with our friends’ sweet little guy, who is 9 months older than S.

At lunch, S really got into the food! I ordered a pesto pasta and veggies dish (all organic) and he could not get enough of it. Seriously. It was the first time he’s shown such an interest in food. That trend continued during our trip, and we discovered that baby loves salmon! We have officially graduated to having dinner with baby and sharing our meal with him. I love it! We are in need of some new recipes as we have very few that we make now and some are not baby friendly, so if .you have them, please post!

In Cambria, we took baby to the beach, where he was much more interested in the seabirds than the ocean. We Ergoed him and strolled around the adorable little town. Everyone was besotted with baby. The place we stayed has really pretty gardens so we walked him all over and let him crawl around in the nice grassy area.

At night, he went down like a champ in the Pack N Play and then joined us in bed when he awoke after we went to sleep. The trip also seemed to have an added benefit – baby’s sleep schedule has shifted out!!!! He slept most of the ride up, so he didn’t go to bed on Friday until around 7:30PM. He was up for the day at 5:45AM! Sure as hell beats 4:00AM! We made sure he got good naps back at the hotel Saturday, and he stayed up until 7PM. Sunday he slept until 5:15AM. We have continued this trend back at home (today he slept until 5:30AM). Yay! I sure hope this continues and that we are able to keep moving him out come the end of daylight savings time…

On our way home, we stopped in Solvang, an adorable little Danish town known for its wine tasting. We are not wine fans, but we love the year-round Christmas store they have there!

A good time was had by all 🙂 We are thrilled that baby seems to love to travel and do new things!


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6 responses to “trip

  1. Next in Line

    >Shaney you little hero you shifted your sleep!

  2. >Sounds like an amazing little vacation! He looks so cute!

  3. >sounds like a wonderful getaway! he is so cute, i love his hair!! :)the new header is gorgeous!!

  4. >I love your header! It's so cute! It looks like you had such a good time on your getaway! Your little shane is soooooo cute!

  5. >i can't believe shane has grown so much! it can't be he's almost one-years-old yet, right? he WAS JUST BORN!!!

  6. >What fun! It sounds like he is a kid who can handle change well- what a gift. And yay for sleep… Seriously 4 am wake ups stink.

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