10 months

Today S is 10 months old! The last month has been both super fun and crazy difficult. He is a very happy baby who laughs all the time. He loves to jump in his crib, on the bed, in the Pack N Play, on the couch, you get the picture. We’ve given him more solids to try including pasta, steamed carrots and broccoli, and various cut up fruit. He enjoys playing at Gymboree during their free play times. The child loves to talk. He babbles constantly – I think he gets that from his Mama (me). He loves to roughhouse with Mommy.

The difficult? Sleep. We have transitioned to being a co-sleeping family as it is really the only way to get any amount of decent sleep with baby. We put him down for the night in his crib and when he wakes after we get into bed, he comes in with us. The night starts off with us staring at our beautiful little guy all tucked in between us sleeping. Wonderful. Somewhere around 12-1AM, he starts in with crazy tossing and turning and that generally lasts off and on for a couple of hours with some nursing going on in between as well. He is up for the day usually between 4-4:30AM. We are trying to push his schedule out so that he goes down for the night at 7PM, but we are currently stuck at 6-6:30PM. Our mantra? This, too, shall pass.
We love our little guy more than I could imagine and are so excited to watch him grow.


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6 responses to “10 months

  1. >Oh he is sweet! Happy 10 months little dude!

  2. H2

    >Idk how you do cosleeping! More power to you. 🙂 He is such a cutie.

  3. >Oh man, he looks so grown up standing!! When did that happen!? Happy 10 months Shanie!Hope the sleep issue improves, it's so hard not to be sleeping still. ((()))

  4. >He's so adorable! Is he enjoying Gymboree? I'm totally jealous of the co-sleeping – I miss it like crazy! Most importantly, it sounds like you're feeling better that your outlook is more positive. So glad for you 🙂

  5. >What a big beautiful boy!!!!

  6. Next in Line

    >Shaney is adorable. You are right the sleep schedule will pass. Bee was stuck on 6 for a bedtime and just recently has started to need a bit less sleep. This means her afternoon nap is later and her bedtime is later. It doesn't mean sleeping in any later. hmmmmm we are still waiting for those early morning wake ups to pass.

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