the more moms, the merrier

Remember that two mama family I mentioned a few posts back that we sat in our pediatrician’s waiting room with? Remember how I was bummed out that we didn’t try to strike up a conversation? Well, fast forward to yesterday at our first Gymboree music class. For once, we were not the only two mom family in the group! There they were! When the class ended one of them approached and was like, “Weren’t we in the waiting room with you guys at the ped’s office?” So we exchanged information and are going to arrange a play date! Their son is 1 week older than S. How totally crazy is that? I am SO excited! They live very nearby. It seems like we were totally meant to meet. So glad we ran into them again and got a second chance to connect. Here’s hoping we all hit it off.

The Gymboree music class went pretty well for baby. He enjoyed banging on the big drum they had in the middle of the room and he really liked playing with the scarves. I think he got a bit overwhelmed a few times (got kind of clingy), but with time, I think he’ll really like it. He interacted with a few of the other babies, which was cool to watch.

I am feeling much better these days. I am back on my a/ds (almost 2 weeks now) and things are really improving. My patience seems to be making a comeback and I’m dealing much better with the sleep situation. I am able to see the positive in it (my gorgeous baby snuggled up to me in the night) rather than focusing on the sleep I’m missing. I was even able to enjoy my weekend in the midst of work craziness without it consuming me. Ahhhh.

My dad is in the hospital and has been in and out for the last month with horrible stomach issues. They finally pulled his gallbladder, but it doesn’t appear to be the cause. I am getting really worried and I know my mom is at her wit’s end. Here’s hoping they find and fix whatever is causing his suffering. It sucks!



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3 responses to “the more moms, the merrier

  1. >How awesome is that! It sounds like fate, indeed.

  2. >That's great about your two new mom play date buds! And the anti depressants. I'm so sorry about your dad:( I hope they figure stuff out soon. Has he got a second opinion about what's going on? It might be helpful if they can't figure out the right tx and dx.Take care:)

  3. >i am like that too… but its great you got your chance to meet!!! that really is great!i hope your dad gets better

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