9 months!

Today my sweet baby boy is 9 months old. I say this every month, but damn, I can’t believe he’s so big already! He definitely seems more “little boy” than “baby boy” these days. Not a lot of new stuff in the last month, except that he now enjoys playing in the sandbox at the park (but will gladly eat a hand full it if you aren’t watching closely). Rather than gaining new skills, he is mastering those that he started last month. He is crawling like crazy, pulling himself to a stand constantly, babbling all the time, and has a couple more teeth coming in (which will bring the grand total to 9). He has his 9 month check up on Thursday and we are excited to see what he weighs and his height. He seems like such a BIG boy! We were at the park yesterday and there was a baby who was 2 months older than S but looked about 3 months younger!

S still loves breastfeeding, and his favorite foods are yogurt, any fruit (except banana, which he’s so-so on), squash, and sweet potato. He is enjoying puffs and yogurt melts, too, and is getting really good at picking them up and getting them into his mouth. We put a swing up at his Grandma’s house and she also has a kiddie pool for him, so he loves going over there. His favorite toys include the Leapfrog musical table, Tupperware Shape-O toy (remember that one, kids?), plastic toy truck (wheels!), and soft books. Favorite books include Winnie the Pooh Bedtime ABCs, baby lift-the-flap books (the DK Publishing ones), Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, and a finger puppet glove book thingy of Old MacDonald had a Farm.


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5 responses to “9 months!

  1. >Happy nine months, little guy!

  2. >(and i think i say this every month in response…) our babies are growing up too fast!!! happy nine months shane!!

  3. >Love it! What great pics 🙂 we juuuuust got the Leapfrog musical table today. Kid is OBSESSED!

  4. Jen

    >Our boys are so big!!! Shane is such a cutie and seems to be a mover and shaker. Happy Nine Months!! Ten will be here before we know it.

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