I think I’m sliding down the slippery slope of depression. Work is just awful right now and combined with the not sleeping and the worry of getting laid off at any moment, I’m feeling pretty low. I finally had a crying fit earlier today, which did nothing but maybe take a bit of the steam out of my upset for a brief moment. Now instead of fury I’m just feeling beaten down. I’ve been off the antidepressants and doing well without them since before getting pregnant with S, but wondering if I need to get back on. Since I’m still breastfeeding, I wonder if that means switching to a different one, which may have its own set issues as the one I was on worked just fine.

I feel like an ass even complaining when I have my perfect wonderful baby and a job that pays well enough for DW to be a SAHM and offers me a flexible schedule (hell, or even a job at all in this economy), but what can I say? My job is just sucking the life out of me.


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  1. >I'm sorry. I've been there before, and I've been in the endless loop of feeling bad about feeling bad and thinking "How dare I feel bad when others have it worse?" and then feeling bad about THAT. Try to take it easy on yourself, gather as much support as you can, and know that you will get through it. I know it feels dark now, but the light will come back. It will.Thinking about you.

  2. H2

    >*hugs* Mama. Don't feel bad about being depressed even if you have a thousand wonderful things going on. Going back on the antidepressants sounds like a smart idea at this point. A lot of them are safe to breastfeed with and even if you had good results with one doesn't mean you won't have equally positive results with another type. Mama Cass always said "The darkest hour is just before dawn" šŸ™‚ The mamas over at are thinking about you all.

  3. >If you aren't already talking to someone start.

  4. >I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling. Dealing with sleep-deprivation on top of life stressors can certainly be overwhelming and nudge even those with seemingly idyllic lives towered depression. Your feelings are certainly understable (and relatable to many)! Antidepressants are certainly a possibility, but have you considered talk therapy instead of or in addition to meds? It might be something to look into if that sounds like an option for you.Good vibes…

  5. Jen

    >With Tiff being a pyschologist, we are all about good mental health and taking meds if needed. As soon as chunk was born, I hopped back on Zoloft because we knew ppd and general depression would loom. So glad I did and it is perfectly safe to breastfeed on. Talk therapy doesn't work for me but Tiff loves it… So, do what you are comfortable with but whatever it is, take care of yourself. Lots of hugs and support….

  6. >oh, girl, i get it – I really do, but that for you as I am out o's because I am on sick leave with the depression thing.Is the threat of a lay off really a big threat, or is your anxiety making it seem bigger than it is?I am so sorry that work is just sucking the life out of you – it is so not fair that in order to enjoy a decent standard of living we have to work our fingers to the bone and be too exhausted to enjoy life or to feel good about it.Is there something really extra hard going on at work? Is there an end in sight? Can you talk to your boss about it? Is there something you can do to make your work load more manageable?I agree with the PPs about going back on anti depressants and talk therapy if it works for you.Are you doing anything for yourself in between working and not sleeping? It sounds like you need some "Me" time as well.Sending big hugs and love to you all.Shanie is so cute in that photo!Hang in there – we are here for you!

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