Well, I spoke too soon. Yes, baby will go to sleep with little fuss in the evenings, but overnights are sucking hardcore. It looks something like this:

  • ~6PM: Sleep
  • ~10PM: Wake (nurse and put back in crib)
  • ~1:30AM: Wake (try not to nurse, but after close to an hour of LOUD yelling and crying, give in and nurse, put back in crib)
  • ~3AM: Wake (nurse because I don’t want another hour of screaming, put back in crib)
  • ~5AM: Wake (nurse and let him stay in bed as he’ll sleep for another hour this way)
  • ~6:30AM: Up for the day

It’s been like this for the last couple of nights and I think I give up on the overnight training for now. I’m going to go back to just getting him and nursing him and putting him back in the crib when he cries. When that gets out of hand, which it will, we’ll be back in this spot. Until he’s out of our bedroom, I don’t see how we can do the overnight training. He is more persistent than he was the first time we did this and also much LOUDER! It’s insane.

Nap training, however, is going well. He has had his last 2 days of naps in his crib. Yesterday we were down to 2 naps (finally). Of course today we have a family member’s baby shower to attend, so will be disrupting the training with that.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty defeated in the sleep training department right now.


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2 responses to “jinxed

  1. >I am so sorry that sleep is not easy.But that new picture is soooo precious!

  2. Next in Line

    >That picture of him is so cute, but wow you girls are missing out on some sleep. Sleep is such an up and down thing with these babies. I do the dream feed and then 4am one. I know I got so tired when there was a 1:30 in there too. Fi is in charge now for comforting and soothing before 4am. I stay in bed :)I hope you get some more sleep soon.

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