yes, it’s another sleep post

I was going to write this post yesterday and lament how S has slid back into some old bad habits (waking multiple times in the night, taking forever to go to sleep, up at 4:30-5:00AM). But we went back to the old sleep training last night (cried hard for about 25 minutes and I gave in and patted his butt until he fell asleep). Tonight, however, there was no crying and no butt patting – he just rolled onto his belly, stuck his butt in the air, and went right to sleep! Woohoo! Let’s hope this trend continues! We’ll see how he does over night and in the morning before I declare victory, but it’s a start.

We also started naptime sleep training today. Both times he cried hard for 5 minutes, DW went in to comfort him, he cried hard for another 5 minutes, and then went to sleep. Both naps were fairly short (40 minutes), but oftentimes he wasn’t going much longer than that when napping in DW’s arms. We’re hoping he’ll drop a nap once he gets the crib sleeping down (right now he does a short nap around 8, another nap at noon, and one at 3). I’ll keep you posted on how he progresses.

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  1. >keep the sleep posts coming, im very interested! and def want to hear about nap training…thats our next step!

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