bright day in ca

We are SO happy that Prop 8 got dumped on its ass yesterday! Thank you to Judge Walker for a thorough and meticulous ruling that will be really difficult for the next court to dismiss. Also a big thanks to the lawyers who won it. I didn’t realize that 1.) one of them is a Republican and 2.) they fought on opposite sides of the Gore v. Bush travesty of a trial. They appeared on Rachel Maddow last night and I was really happy to hear a Republican saying that this wasn’t a matter of politics, of Republican or Democratic platforms – it is a human rights issue that ALL parties should support. Thank you, Mr. Olson! Now could you please get your party on board? Our sincere hope is that this will all be resolved at the federal level by the time S (and all of my LGBT friends’ children) are old enough to understand. In related news, DW and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary on August 14 🙂

S continues to be a sweet, happy little guy. He looks like a such a big boy with his 4 (!!!) top teeth almost completely in. I miss his gummy smile, but this new one is adorable, too. We recently got him a Leapfrog musical table and he really loves it. I am impressed with how quickly he learned how to work all of the little buttons, slides, and pulls. He is also a master of the baby lift-the-flap book – he reaches for the flap and lifts it like a pro. S also loves to have his teeth brushed. It is the cutest thing! He smiles and opens up and seems to really enjoy the sensation of the brush on his teeth and gums. His Mommy (DW) is obsessed with brushing her teeth, so she is pleased. Hahahaha!

My parents are coming for a visit in early September. It will be the first time my Dad’s seen S since his birth, so it will be pretty exciting. It’s also cool that we can now do some activities out of the house since baby is more interested in that sort of thing now. So far we’re thinking the zoo and the Getty Museum, and will probably visit some family that’s out here at some point for a BBQ.

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  1. Jen

    >I still can't believe the teeth on your boy! You need to post a picture. 🙂

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