sleep, blessed sleep

We started the Sleep Lady sleep training technique Thursday night and so far, it’s going pretty well! Here is what Thursday and Friday nights looked like:

5:30PM – Placed in crib sleepy (after nursing) but awake

6:15PM – Asleep

7:25PM-7:45PM – Awake

7:45PM – 8:32PM – Asleep

8:32PM – 9:35PM – Awake

9:35PM – 4:10AM – Asleep (!!!!)

4:10AM – 5:05AM – Awake (nursed him and laid him back down)

5:05AM – 7:35AM – Asleep (!!!!)

5:34PM – Placed in crib sleepy but awake

6:00PM – Asleep

9:30PM – 9:45PM – Awake (we woke him accidentally when we went to bed – I nursed him and laid him back in the crib and he went back to sleep with no tears)

9:45PM – 3:00AM – Asleep

3:00AM – 4:05AM – Awake (this was a tough one – he got pretty upset)

4:05AM – 5:10AM – Asleep

5:10AM – 6:00AM – Awake (nursed him and laid him back in crib – stayed happily awake in crib)

6:00AM – Up for the day

Still some work to do, but SO much better than it has been. Here’s hoping it just keeps improving. I’m nursing him if it’s been at least 4 hours since he last ate. I probably don’t need to, but it puts my mind at ease that if he’s crying, it’s not because he’s hungry. It also gives him a little snuggle/comfort time. I’m not taking him into our bed to do it as I don’t want to confuse him, so I just sit in a chair in our room and use my pillow under him.

We are going to tackle baby’s naptimes using the same technique once we have his night sleep going pretty well. It is really hard to hear him cry, and he doesn’t really respond to our soothing (he just wants out of the crib, damn it). Still, I feel better being by his side than closing the door on him. We’re going to be out of town in a couple of weeks (Comic-Con!) – here’s hoping it doesn’t totally undo what we’ve already done… Any advice on trips with baby would be appreciated. It will be baby’s longest car ride to date (3 hours) and we’ll be staying with friends who have a son who’s 16 months old. I’m both looking forward to it and a bit anxious about how S will do.



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3 responses to “sleep, blessed sleep

  1. H2

    >Glad you're getting some sleep! I'll bet you're glad to have your bed to yourselves too.

  2. Jen

    >Glad your getting more sleep! Chunk has made two-3hr cartrips and slept the entire way, both times! We have the car loaded and ready to go… I nurse him, we put him immediately in carseat and take off. Works like a charm! We are taking a 8hr trip at the end of the month and I have a feeling it is a different ballgame!

  3. >Glad the sleeping is getting better.We did a 4.5 hour trip when the twins were 3 months old–no problems at all. We pulled over once to nurse and change diapers. They slept most of the way.In Argentina we did 2 car trips that were about 6 hours each (or more). The chore then was to try to keep them AWAKE so that they wouldn't sleep all day and be awake all night.We failed! It's really hard to keep babies awake in a moving car! We gave them both bottles while we were driving and only stopped a couple of times.The trip was fine. The night….urgh.But you only have 3 hours. Piece of cake. Don't stress.

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