sleep and food

OMG we are getting like no sleep in this house. For the last week or so, baby just will not stay asleep. He’s up every 45 minutes to an hour all. night. long. We are at our wit’s end, so we went ahead and started solids today. S will be 6 months on Monday and has been exclusively breastfed. I was going to wait until his 6 month appt., which is next Friday, to start with the solids, but figured we’d go ahead and start and see if it helps at all with the sleep situation. He ate like an old pro! We just gave him a bit of rice cereal with breast milk to start. We’ll be moving onto banana or avocado on Sunday. Exciting! He is still not really taking the bottle when I work (only has maybe 2-4 oz. while I’m gone), so hopefully having some food during the day will help fill his belly, too.

It is so hard to believe Monday is S’s 6 month birthday. It seems both like he’s always been here and like he was just born yesterday. His old mamas are feeling like he’ll be a one and only as we are barely hanging on with just the one. He’s a great little guy and we love him like crazy, but the sleep deprivation is really killing us. I’m not sure we could do it again and do it with another baby in the house. We’ll see if we change our minds but right now, we are both on board with an only (wonderful, special, precious) child.

My mom was out for a long weekend and she and baby had a great time together. It was rough at first as she wanted to latch right onto the little guy and he was like, “Who is this?” He came around pretty quickly once he saw how much fun she could be. She really worked with him sitting (he’s doing really well!) and she taught him how to blow raspberries. Cute! I so wish she lived closer so we could see more of each other (she is in South Carolina and we are in Southern California). She and my dad are going to come back out for Labor Day.

Wish us luck with sleeping tonight! I think I have used up my last awake brain cell typing this šŸ™‚


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6 responses to “sleep and food

  1. >I think the solid food idea is wonderful. It seems logical that he will sleep longer with a full belly. Growing up, I always envied only kids. They got all the attention. šŸ™‚

  2. >Hooray for Shane! Solids and sitting and raspberries!I wonder if he is awakening so much in the night both to nurse because he is not taking enough in during the day but also to be with you because be misses that connection.For the former, solids makes sense, tho I was wonderig if you'd considered trying a different bottle? Maybe ones that feel 'more like Mom's breast'?As for the latter, is there a way you can change his bedtime so that you get a little playtime with him before you put him down?Just some thoughts! And…more pictures please! Also, would love to be fb friends – if you're up for it, send me an email.

  3. Next in Line

    >We had the same sleep situation right around Shane's age and started feeding her rice cereal to see if it would help! I think they go through some funny developmental thing and keep waking themselves up right around this age. It lasted a couple of weeks and then got better. I think what helped is me getting more of a structure for nap times, putting her in the crib awake (no nursing to sleep), and Fionna comforting her during some of the night wakings. She sees me and wants to nurse and I can't feed her every hour all night. I hope you get some sleep because seriously those kind of night wakings are really tough.

  4. Jen

    >I think the 6mo curse has hot many of us. Last week chunk woke up quite a bit… He has great nights, then not so much. Now that he is 6mo old, I am stopping night feedings to get him used to going back to sleep on his own. Last night we had a nasty 45min around 4am but he finally went back to sleep without eating and slept until 7:30! Chunk has been eating cereal since 4.5 mo (my ped said 5 mo, but we started two weeks earlier) and fruits and veggies since 5mo. He loves food and it is such a fun time, so enjoy it!

  5. >wow, it does seem surreal that he is 6months old already! our babies are growing up sooo fast! i hope your nights get easier. i have no advice though…we are still waking several times to nurse. thanks for the advice on the fenugreek, btw šŸ™‚

  6. >Boo. Sorry you are having such a rough adjustment. I hope some of these ladies' advices give you some releif soon.

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