sleep woes

Sleeping has pretty much fallen apart in our household. Nap times happen on Mommy, not in baby’s crib. Night time used to be simple: nurse baby to sleep in my bed and move him into his crib. Now he wakes every time I move him – last night it took 2 hours to get him down. I think it’s time to stop the nursing to sleep business and have him figure out how to go down by himself. He used to be great at this, but that was weeks ago. I am not a fan of crying it out, so that is something I’m not willing to do at this point. He also sleeps in our room, which I know can be a problem. We are also not prepared to move him into his own room as that room is too far from ours. I haven’t even gotten into how often he wakes at night. Hint: It’s a lot! So, what works for you guys? I’m getting so frustrated.

Being at work is going okay for me, but is difficult for baby and Mommy. He is still resisting the bottle, but is taking it more often than he did when I was at home. Pumping at work is going well. It’s not nearly as awkward as I thought it would be. I take a magazine in (I have a huge pile at home that I’m never able to look at so it’s kind of cool to be able to catch up – I’ve missed my In Style!). My boss is so crazy cool with a flex schedule. She told me that I can work from home up to 3 days a week, just depending on my meetings and such. This week it works out that I’m WFH 3 days (today through Friday). I’m so lucky! I hope it lasts 🙂



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7 responses to “sleep woes

  1. >i was always a fan of sleeping in the same room as the baby due to funky sleep schedules. You sound like you are doing a great job!

  2. >we had a similar problem that started when i went back to work. it got to the point where i was in our bedroom with her for 60-90 minutes each night, trying to get her to sleep while nursing and then sneaking away. finally, that got to the point where it felt like it was taking over our lives (evenings). we eventually resorted to a modified cio. it was HARD, but we stuck with it. we did the whole nighttime routine, then put her in her crib. when she cried, we went in to pat her after 3 minutes. the first night it took about 45 minutes, but it got easier and easier. after about 2 weeks, she was going to sleep on her own with no problem. now, we do bath, nursing, rocking for 1 song, then i lie her down. she rolls right over and goes to sleep. i never thought it possible! as hard as the crying was, it was worthwhile. and heck, she was crying during those hours i was trying to nurse/sneak away, so something had to give! anyhow, long answer. good luck finding something that works for ya'll!

  3. >I am so with you. Suddenly she wakes up all night. We are reading the book "the no cry sleep solution" and it has a lot of suggestions and ideas that are not CIO. I like it and we are going to start some of the suggestions.

  4. >that takes a lot of stress off you for sure when your boss is so flexible!! thats great

  5. >I think I tend to be in the minority here which I try to acknowledge up front. But for me, I identified what I wanted the most and it turned out to be that I wanted sleep the most. I didn't care where baby slept or how they went to sleep, as long as it maximized the amount of sleep I got.So, both of our kids have always slept in our room and nursed to sleep until they were about 2.5. For our family, this was awesome because it meant that nights were uninterrupted, or at least I didn't have to get out of bed. But both kids still sleep in our room and some people would consider that a serious enough downside that they would fight the battle early.As a side note, I totally do *not* think it is a coincidence that Shane has gone through this huge transition (having you at work) and is also not sleeping well. I think babies often use night nursing as a way to reconnect with mom when she has been gone during the day. They say that transition is always hard, regardless of the age of the child, but I think for an infant, not sleeping well is very common during transitions. Also, not only is Shane missing you but he's also learning to eat in a totally new way. That's a lot for a little guy. (It sounds, by the way, like he is working through these transitions just fine.)

  6. >I agree with Stephanie that Shane's change in eep behavior is likely linked to your transition back to work. That being said, L has been going through a lot of the same stuff – struggles napping, having a hard to going down at night – which he never did before, so perhands there's some developmental reason this is happening.We would never choose a CIO method for our family (though it certainly works for some), and we too liked some of Pantley's gentler ideas. Ultimatly thought, I'm guessing Shane is telling you something with this behavior – perhaps that he is missing the closeness with you – but kids are adaptable and he will adjust to the new routine. Hang in there!

  7. >Yes, on reflection, I definitely think it's related to me being back to work. I need to get my head right and just expect bedtime to be lengthier for a while. It's hard when you think you have something locked in and it changes, but such is life with an infant, right?

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