end of maternity leave

I can’t believe my 5 month leave is over. In some ways it seemed really long but now it seems short. I’m back in the office Monday. I know how fortunate I am to have had so much time, but it’s still hard to leave my little dude. At least he’ll be home with Mommy and I’ll be working from home twice a week. He goes to bed at 6 and keeping him up that long is tough, so I’ll have very little time with him on the days I work. Sad.

I’m at the salon getting my ratty hair taken care of so I’m not too much of a mess next week. It’s kind of nice to have some me time. I really need to try on my work wear and make sure it all fits. My boobs are much bigger with the breastfeeding, so I’m thinking there may be some stuff that won’t work.

Here’s hoping things go smoothly for baby and Mamas next week!



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4 responses to “end of maternity leave

  1. >Since my TTC is on hold i do alot of thinking about resolving possible problems such as yours where the working mom feels left out with the lil bonding time after work/before bed. Have you thought about skype or anything using a webcam so you can tune in during the day from your office computer?

  2. >Wow, that flew by! Good luck on Monday, it's hard to go back, but it does get easier. Sounds like you have a great work schedule.

  3. Jen

    >It does go by fast! It is great that you get to work from home some days… It will be an adjustment but I think it will go smoothly. I have been back but he comes with, so in two weeks, I will be there with you!!

  4. >I'm sorry your maternity leave is over:(I hope the transition goes smoothly! Sounds like you have a really good set up for Shanie though – with your DW staying home. Are you going to pump at work? Good luck and I hope it goes well:)

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