Earlier in the week, I think we were experiencing the old 4 month sleep regression, but thankfully last night it broke. Our sleep cycle used to be asleep by 7:30 or 8, up once around 4AM to nurse, and up for the day around 7 or 8. Monday night baby was down around 7:30 and we were up at 1, 3, 5, and 7. Tuesday night baby was down around 7 and we were up at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 7. Whoa is me. But last night, we were back to baby asleep at 7:30, up at 4:30 to nurse, and up for the day at 7. Whew. I think we are going to stop swaddling this weekend as that may have also been a factor. Every time I get up with the baby in the night, he is out of his swaddle. Last night, we got in bed around 10 and baby was asleep but already out of the swaddle. I was worried that he’d wake up quickly but he went until 4:30! Any of you still swaddling or have any tips for weaning off the swaddle?

We go tomorrow for baby’s 4 month checkup. I think he gets some vaccinations, so I’m expecting a rough afternoon like the last time. Poor little guy. He has a few things I want the ped to check, including a little sore patch on the back of his head that just won’t heal (because he lays on it all night and a lot of the day), his tear duct/eyelid issue, and his circumcision area (looks strange to me, but what do I know). I really struggled toward the end of my pregnancy with the decision to circ, so I hope that there is no problem with the way it’s healing up or I’ll feel even more guilty than I sometimes already do.

Tomorrow is also Mommy’s (DW’s) last day of work! She quit several weeks early as she was just over it, so now we have a month all together before I start back to work. Yay! We will need it to get this baby on the bottle and figure out what their routine will be since the breastfeeder will be at work. It will be so much better with me working rather than DW as my workplace is so flexible. She was gone for 10 hours a day, Mon-Fri. I will be working from home Wed and Fri, and will probably be gone for 6-7 hours the 3 days I go into the office. I am so fortunate to have my work situation. I hope it lasts until S starts pre-school so he can dodge daycare.

Even though we aren’t making a decision on whether to have another baby until S is 1 (so, December of this year), I find myself thinking about it often. I go back and forth on it. I think my main pro is that it would be nice for S to have a sibling, especially since his Mamas are older. He’d have family after we’re gone, which hopefully won’t be for a good long time! My main con is money. I keep thinking about how we love to travel and do things and how much costlier it would be with 4 people rather than 3. I’m hoping it will all become clear by December. To state the obvious, life decisions are hard!


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  1. >I found it so hard this time to stop swaddling. We ended up bringing the baby into the bed to sleep even though he was always in his co-sleeper or crib the first 3 months — I don't recommend that approach. Good luck on the decision regarding #2. We were planning on only one, but then changed our minds after the fact as well.

  2. >we pretty much went cold-turkey on the swaddle when it got too hot in our house to bundle her up. she did okay, but like the pp'er, she is now sleeping in the bed with us. we are trying to figure out how to un-do some of the bad habits we have now created! good luck at the appointment tomorrow. and ohhh…exciting about the prospect of ttc#2! i cant remember, do you have more frozen embryos?

  3. >S: Yes, we have 8 or so frozen embies just waiting for us to make up our minds. I'm not getting any younger, so we need to decide fairly quickly. Eek!

  4. Jen

    >We stopped swaddling a week ago and have been fighting sleep habits since. He has been awake every 3 hours so I am hoping we can get back to longer stretches of time. We are planning on ttc2 next summer, which is far sooner than I ever anticipated but we are already ready… Maybe it is sleep deprivation? Hehehe.

  5. >I've heard that swaddling them first with one arm out, then the other, then legs (or legs first) works well. Or you can progressively loosen the swaddle (which just makes me nervous about strangulation). Leander hates having his legs swaddled, so its been just arms for a month. We tried not swaddling a few nights ago. Fail. We're trying it again tonight just because it's hot. Good luck deciding on whether to go for #2. There are definitely benefits to having a sib, but also benefits to having money to travel!

  6. >That's so cool about your DW quitting her job. I hope you have a great month together before you go back to work. Sounds like a great plan -esp your flexible schedule. I hope Shanie survived his shots and his little skin issues are healing. As for a sibling – I vote for a brother or sister for Shanie.Seeing my two nieces and how close they are ( two years apart) I really see the joy and importance of having a sibling. It's too bad about the travel having to be scaled back but maybe with babies you'll be looking for different kinds of vacations? Good luck! I think you're all doing so great!

  7. >We also went cold turkey with the swaddle, and it was fine. I think we might have kept him in it too long….I hope you resume a good routine soon!

  8. >I had to go back to swaddling my almost 8 mo old. He needs it to fall asleep and stay asleep for at least an hour! Otherwise he startles himself awake. He also thrashes around to wake himself up, so swaddling has made bedtime much easier. He is also a co-sleeper after midnight. So I am of no help to you! My other baby is a great sleeper. Dropped the swaddle cold turkey and didn't care a lick! She can go down awake and might fuss for 1 minute! Good luckJill

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