At 3.5 months, here are some milestones S has achieved:

* Babbling (like crazy – kid loves to talk!)
* Smiling
* Grabbing legs, toys
* Focusing on objects (including books -yay!)
* Holding head up fairly steadily (does good tummy time head lifting at this point)

He has yet to:
* Roll over (well, he did roll from tummy to back several times when he was a few weeks old, but not since then)
* Laugh/giggle (though he seems on the verge)

As long as there’s no physical issue, I’m happy to let my guy do things at his own pace. He is engaged with us and the world and doing great!

My most favorite thing is when he wakes up in the morning and from his naps and he sees me, he breaks out in the biggest grin. So sweet! I also (shockingly) really love breastfeeding. I was not looking forward to breastfeeding at all, thought it would be weird, painful, etc., etc. But the pure joy he has for BFing and the sweet bonding time has made it all worthwhile. Not at all weird and worth the (extreme) effort we had to put in initially. Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t breastfeeding as it is the go to activity when nothing else will satisfy him. It always calms him down, which makes me feel like a good Mama.


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5 responses to “milestones

  1. >isn't that smile when they first wake up the sweetest? 😀 its good to hear bf'ing is going so well!

  2. Jen

    >Man, ifeel like I could gave written this post! I also love bf'ing and I am so glad it is going well for you! Chunk gives the cheesish grins that completely melt my heart!

  3. >I agree with you on BF'ing. We're not exclusive (sadly) but I would be completely lost without having the ability to BF Sadie to either calm her down or put her to bed!

  4. >I definitely hear you on the BFing! I love the special bond it creates! Leander will frequently pull off, smile and coo up at me, and then nose dive right back it. It makes me laugh every time.Sounds like Shane is developing wonderfully! (And OMG the Easter pics are RIDICULOUSLY cute.) The giggling will slay you. It is amazing!

  5. >Just wanted to stop by to thank you for sharing your myomectomy story–I checked out your post from that time and the part where you say "I was healed up quite a bit and getting around great after about a week." is totally going to be my lifeline. I'm so glad you have your beautiful boy (though I'm sorry for everything you guys had to go through to get there). I hope he laughs soon–I bet that will be amazing!

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