10 things meme

S. at An Offering of Love tagged me, so here are 10 (hopefully) interesting things about myself 🙂

1. I sang in a band for several years in the late 90s. My wife played bass in the band. We have 2 CDs and played some kick ass venues like the Troubadour and Spaceland.

2. When I was a baby, I was kissed by Jimmy Carter. I was born in Georgia and he was running for office there.

3. DW and I are big comic book and animation geeks. Some favorite comics include Y the Last Man, Powers, and Love and Rockets. Animation wise, we love Miyazaki, all the Bruce Timm animated series, and Avatar: The Last Airbender (love it!). We go to Comic-Con every year and can’t wait to share it with S.

4. Best trip ever was to London and Paris a few years back with DW. One of the best parts? Work paid for it as I gave a 2 day training at our UK office. All we had to pay for was DW’s ticket! So great! We’ve also been to Boston/Cape Cod, Atlanta, and San Francisco courtesy of work. Looking forward to more family trips on my company’s dime.

5. DW and I didn’t officially “come out” to family until we decided to have a baby (in 08). Anyone who didn’t know was an idiot, though 🙂 We’ve been together for 15 years.

6. My parents were 18 and 19 when I was born. They got married and are still together. I was apparently quite the match maker 🙂

7. My band recorded one of our CDs in a studio that Michael Jackson used. The lounge in the studio was called the Bubbles lounge as that’s where Bubbles the chimp stayed when MJ recorded there.

8. I love SciFi! Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (new one, of course), X Files, Star Trek (Next Gen, Voyager) – I love it all!

9. I’m big into techie stuff. Can’t wait to pick up my iPad on Saturday! Woot!

10. As much as I love baby!S, I’m excited for him to reach the next stage. Let’s play!!!

I’m supposed to tag 10 people, but most have already been tagged. If you haven’t yet, you’re it!



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2 responses to “10 things meme

  1. >our baby forced us to do some long-overdue formal coming out to extended family also. crazy about your parents, you are quite a good matchmaker, indeed! 😀

  2. >Wow – so I want to know what your family said when you came out and did they really not have a clue? I hope they are supportive! Seriously impressed by the band stuff- maybe you should digitize the CDs and put links up on your blog! Woo hoo!

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