baby days

I’m just curious how my day compares to other mamas of 2 month olds. It goes someting like this:

7:00-8:00 AM – wake up and nurse
8:00-9:30 AM – play (tummy time mat, swing, look at books)
9:30 AM-6:00 PM – nap, cry, nurse, repeat

I stroll at some point, too. I feel like baby is fussing so much – it makes me feel so bad but I can’t seem to stop it aside from putting him on the boob. He’s so happy in the morning, but it all goes to hell around 10 or 11 when he wakes from his nap. Please tell me I’m not the only one experiencing this.

ION, we go Monday for his first round of vaccinations. Wish us luck!

Oh, one more thing, any swaddling product recommendations? He is busting out of the SwaddleMe and waking himself up. I need something that a strong guy can’t get out of.



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7 responses to “baby days

  1. Jen

    >Our days vary day to day. Some days he sleeps so much and today he won't go down and I am pulling out my hair! We were up every hour after 2am last night so I'm not sure what's going on… You are not alone! For swaddle blankets for my big man, I use some blankets that you can get on the Baby Gap site. We got them as hand-me-downs and they rock. They are huge and you can easily get a tight swaddle. I will give you a link but I will have to leave another comment since I am on my iPhone. As for vac's, we did that last week and he ran a fever for over a day. Be sure to have baby tyenol on hand and I would give him some right before the appointment.

  2. >I have often thought that I would have no idea how to parent if I didn't have boobs. Tired? Let's nurse! Cranky? Let's nurse! Bored? Sick? and on and on.I watched a lot of TV when my kids were that little. Not that I wanted to sit around and watch TV all day but they often wanted to be held and/or nursed and it was hard to do anything else.

  3. >Your days sound frighteningly similar to ours (our little guy is 6 weeks old). I will say that one way to curb the crying/fussiness I found is to anticipate their needs and just go with it. So the minute he starts to get a little dazed looking, we start trying to get him to sleep. That seems to make a huge difference. Also, babywearing is really soothing for him, both asleep and awake. As for swaddles, have you tried the Miracle Blanket? We just ordered one because he's going to outgrow his SwaddleMe soon. My little guy easily fought his way out of the cotton SwaddleMe but does really well in the fleece one which doesn't have has much give as the cotton (and warmth is an added bonus!) Good luck!

  4. >Our day looks similiar. A lot of her naps are when I am at stroller fit or just out walking. We also go to mom and baby drop ins and just run around the neighbourhood doing things. I go out a lot and luckily she likes sleeping in the stroller. We are big on strollers. I live in a an area where I can walk everywhere. If she is upset I do what works to soothe her and sometimes that is nursing her and sometimes walking and sometimes who the heck knows I just keep on trying until something works:)

  5. >I'd say that sounds like a pretty typical day! I second the babywearing suggestion. I love the Sleepy Wrap! I'll put it on before heading to the store and then just slip baby in when we get to the store. I've also used it around the house…vacuuming, dishes, etc. It gives you two hands again! As for swaddle blanket, I can't say enough wonderful things about the Miracle Blanket! I've used it with three babies now and all with great success, both in staying wrapped and sleeping longer at night. My last baby stayed in it until she was 5 months old before busting her arms out. She also was sleeping 8 hours a night by 3 weeks old and 9 hours by 5 weeks. Current baby goes about 9-10 hoursin it and she's 12 weeks old. Good luck to you! Your little guy is adorable!

  6. >Yep, your day sounds like ours, even at 3 months. Owen needs a nap almost exactly 90 minutes after he wakes up….eat, play, repeat.sounds normal!!

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