on our own

It’s so hard to blog with a new little person, but I finally downloaded the iPhone blog app so maybe it’ll be easier now. My iPhone has been such a lifesaver, I swear. It’s a new mom essential as far as I’m concerned 🙂

S’s sleep has gotten better. He regularly sleeps for 4-5 hours on his first stretch, then another 2-3 hours after nursing. No more zombie mama.

Today was our first day alone (DW went back to work today, much to her dismay). It went well, though he wants to nurse like all the time. Every 1-2 hours. Is this a growth spurt thing? Kinda crazy.

The bottle thing is going better, too. We discovered that the latex nipple is the key, and making sure the milk is warm enough. We’re learning!

Baby has cradle cap, which I’m trying to cure using olive oil and daily shampoos. My mom is coming for a visit on Thursday and I’m hoping his skin will be clearer by then. We’ll see.



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6 responses to “on our own

  1. Jen

    >Definately a growth spurt! It is quite okay and he will let you know when he needs to eat. With C, sometimes it is 4 hours, sometimes 2… I read that breastfed babies often eat more than bottle babies and every 2 hours is common. Btw, I am on my iPhone, definately a lifesaver and the only way I stay connected!

  2. >I love being able to read things on my blackberry while nursing. I agree with Jen. It sounds like a growth spurt. Every once and a while she eats like a fiend for a couple of nights. I feel like a cross between a zombie and a milk machine.

  3. >We started a growth spurt yesterday. Whoa They want to eat ALL the time.Good luck.My iPhone has been a complete life saver. Best push present ever! Much better than diamonds!!I heard Jojoba oil is great for cradle cap.

  4. >an iPhone is definitely a must! glad to hear you are getting a litte bit more sleep – that makes such a difference!

  5. >Shanie sounds like he is doing great – and so are you too! Good luck with being just the two of you while DW is at work:)

  6. >all my kids have had cradle cap. i think at times, it's normal? or at least it's normal around here. scrub, pick and keep rubbing the oil or cetaphil creme.:)

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