sleep, how I miss you…

We’ve had a pretty horrendous couple of nights during which S just won’t sleep. He’s out for like an hour and then is up again. Usually he goes for 3 hours at a stretch with the occasional 2, 4, and even one 5 hour stretch. Please let this stage pass quickly. Part of the problem seems to be that he doesn’t like to be swaddled but if he isn’t, his arms flail around and he wakes crying. We’ve been using the Halo sleep sacks with built in swaddle, but he is starting to outgrow them. Tonight I’m trying a regular blanket swaddle.

We have an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper that we’ve been using in bassinet mode (ie not attached to bed, but near bed). I’m thinking about setting it up to co-sleep as he seems much calmer in bed with me when he falls asleep after nursing. Any of you co-sleeping?

Mama is so so SO tired. Today I just started bawling and freaked poor DW right out. How are all of you dealing with the sleep deprivation? When does it get better? I love my little guy but this not sleeping thing is the friggin pits.



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9 responses to “sleep, how I miss you…

  1. Jen

    >I am tired too and am learning to take naps when he does sleep, at least once a day. C only liked being swaddled for about 2-3 weeks and that was it. the boy likes his hands free… Try the blanket and maybe that will work?!? Good luck.

  2. >My babe just suddenly started sleeping through the nights a few weeks ago. No warning, it just happened. Hope it happens for you soon too!We swaddle every night in a kiddopotomus. She fights it for a while, but eventually gives in and sleeps much better (and stays warmer). We also have our arms reach attached to the bed. It's still disruptive to sit up and put her back in it after breastfeeding, but not too bad. I think she can still tell she is close, her head is always turned to us and she'll scoot over in it toward the shared edge.

  3. >We co-sleep. It's not for everyone but it works great for us. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about how, etc.I hope you get some rest soon.

  4. >We've been struggling to get just the 3 hour increments. I actually wrote about it last night and then paid for it dearly with a sleepless night (woke up at 3:00 am and wouldn't go back in her crib). I'm also looking forward to some longer stretches but for now I'm not complaining because it has been worse!!!! We're not co=sleeping but we have our mini crib directly beside my side of the bed. I flail so I'd be too worried having her IN the bed with us.

  5. >We did the family bed for about 2 weeks, but our little man is now in the co-sleeper (also Arm's Reach). We're big fans. He seems to do best if I have my hand on his belly as he falls asleep. We also sometimes do a blanket swaddle (have you heard of Luna Lullabye? Expensive but great!) and other times use the Kiddopotamus. He didn't like the Halo Sleepsack, for some reason.I hope this helps and that sleep is on the way!

  6. >Ziya sleeps in the bassinet beside me until the last time I nurse her around 5 am. We nurse in bed and fall asleep together. I get more rest that way. Even before then, when I nurse her in bed I set us up in a good position so that if we fall asleep together she is safe. I can't sleep with her all night because I get stiff and sore from not moving around naturally.

  7. >PS I hope you get more sleep soon. I really feel it when we have a night or two of less sleep.

  8. >believe it or not, it passes pretty quickly and you'll totally forget about it or at the very least, become immune to it!

  9. >Just wanted to let you all know that Halo is donating a SleepSack to Haiti for the next 1,000 fans to join us on Facebook. We're already reached the 750 mark. Help us get all the way!

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