breastfeeding update

We had another visit with the lactation consultant (LC) today and Mr. S is up to 8 lbs, 10 oz! I’m really happy with our LC – she is not in-your-face at all and really gave us some helpful advice. I am officially off the pumping unless I want to do it once a day to keep a little bit on hand, which I may do. This would be helpful to be able to hand him off if he’s freaking out and have someone else give him a bottle. She also gave me the okay to not wake him in the night to feed. Instead, I’m to see if he wakes me. Last night he was waking about 5-10 minutes before the 3 hour mark, so I’m not too worried about it. It sure would be nice if he could sleep a bit longer at one of these stretches…

And as if on cue, the boy is awake and looking for food 🙂


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  1. >I'm glad you're getting good advice about the breastfeeding. Sounds like it makes sense! I hope you get some good three hour stretches of sleep ( and more !) Maybe you could pump a bottle and have your DW take a turn while you get some more sleep?I'm so glad that Shanie's really growing well, that's so great!Keep up the great work, mamas!

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