birth story

The morning of 12/21, my mom, dad, DW, and I showed up at the hospital promptly at 10AM. My mother-in-law was in the waiting room and teared up when we arrived. DW and I waited (and waited and waited) to be admitted. When it was finally our turn, it became clear that we were not on the schedule for noon. If you’ll recall, we had been scheduled for 12/21 at noon with our previous OB for several months and went through quite a lot to keep the date and time when we switched OBs. After waiting for around 20 minutes, we were finally sent upstairs and told we would get an update there. So in we went. We were told that we were not on the schedule by the nurse at the nurses’ station, but that they found a spot for us that day at 3PM and they would go ahead and hook me up to a monitor and proceed. I thought DW was going to punch someone, she was so upset. I was upset, too, but I was just glad we were going to be able to meet our son that day and were not bumped to a completely different day.

They found a birthing room for us to hang out in while waiting for the C-section. I got undressed and into a hospital gown. The nurse started my IV and hooked me up to fetal monitors. Our nurse was on the ragged edge as (get this) her 20 year old son had just come out to her the night before. Can you see where this is going? We were basically the Voice of the Gays for her as she spent the next few hours while we waited going between explaining what was going to happen that day and how thrown she was by her son’s news. It was rather maddening – I mean, this day was about us, you know?

We were in our room by 11:30 and were told they’d come take me to prep for surgery at 2:30. We could have had visitors, but the hospital policy was that you could only have 2 visitors at a time due to H1N1 and we had 3 people waiting. DW was very anxious and nervous and preferred that it just be the two of us, so that was how it went down. It was a very long and uncomfortable wait. We finally got DW’s scrubs and prepared for surgery. Then 2:30 came and went with no update. Then 2:45. Finally at around 3 our nurse showed up and whisked me to the OR.

The anesthesiologist and another nurse were there. I received an epidural, which wasn’t terrible but was a little more intense than I’d expected. Then they had my lie down and draped me. This all took quite a bit of time and I asked a few times when DW could come into the room. My OB came by and apologized for the schedule problem (he had no clue why we weren’t on the schedule) and said he’d be in shortly. Things started fast and furious after that point. People began arriving in the room and doing their prep work. It got quite crowded in there! Then my OB introduced the assisting surgeon and started asking if I was feeling anything (I wasn’t). Finally DW came into the room. I almost started crying when I saw her, but I wanted to hold it together and I managed to. She was in her scrubs and mask and all I could see were her eyes, which were open very VERY wide.

I could hear all the noises of the surgery, but felt nothing. It took a bit of time as I had a lot of scarring from my myomectomy. I was then told I’d feel a lot of pressure, but it would be over soon. Two to three people started bearing down on the top of my stomach and it was pretty painful. I heard the nurse tell DW to stand up and saw that they had rolled a mirror over for me to watch. Finally, at 4:01PM, I watched as my OB delivered my squirmy little baby boy. I started crying and feeling really overwhelmed. I swear my first thoughts were panicky (What have we done? How did we think we could ever take on the huge responsibility of raising a child?). The room got very loud with congratulations. DW went to cut the cord and be with S while he got checked out. They brought him over to me and it still didn’t seem quite real – I had a baby????

DW went with S for all of his hospital duties. The anesthesiologist told me he was going to give me something that would make me sleep while they finished up. I woke up in recovery with my crazy nurse. I asked if I could have visitors (DW was still making the rounds with S) and she said yes, I could have 2. I told her I had 3 in the waiting room and didn’t want to leave anyone out and couldn’t she make an exception? I was pretty doped up at this point (morphine is a hell of a drug…). She had them come up and see me and they asked how the surgery was and all I could really manage was that it was completely surreal. I don’t think I could fully explain the experience adequately. It was just so foreign and strange and freaky-deaky.

Finally DW showed up with the baby and we waited to be moved to our actual room. They got wise to the fact that we had an extra visitor and made someone leave (my MiL took the hit). Lucky us had to wait for the shift change, so it took a ridiculous amount of time to get moved. But we ended up in a room that was meant for two mothers, which meant it was totally spacious and that DW got her own actual bed! It had a large bathroom as well. It was so great to have all that extra space – this room was more than double the size of the standard room we were shown during the hospital tour. Score!

My recovery has been much much easier than the recovery last year from the myomectomy. Having S around has probably helped in that department, too, as I have something new and wonderful to focus on rather than dwelling on the surgery or recovery itself. I’m sure there’s a lot I’m missing and will post more as it comes to me. Life with S is crazy wonderful even though it’s also really hard. More on my trials and tribulations as a new mother later. For now, enjoy a picture of 3-day-old S celebrating on Christmas Eve:



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9 responses to “birth story

  1. >Wow I'm impressed that you are posting at all! That does sound surreal and your crazy nurse was way too much! Glad you got the big room eventually and that despite not being on the frickin schedule you got to meet him that day! What you said about suddenly wondering what on earth you'd done sounded kind of funny, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time! I wonder how many new mamas have thought this before?!!! Congratulations to you and DW! Hope you're getting some help! Xoxoxo

  2. Jen

    >Congrats! It amazing to have a baby boy, isn't it! We are still in awe and feeling surreal. So glad that things went well and you can enjoy him now! Oh, and I know that gymboree little rascal line anywhere! 🙂

  3. >Wow! Hospitals always stink but I'm glad the healthy little boy came out of it.Why oh why did that nurse not clue in that it was NOT time to share personal information? I realize that's a huge shock to lots of people (People like my parents.) But I still would probably tell a sharing nurse to STFU and be professional. I can't believe you guys had it together enough to educate her. You have to be two cool cucumbers.

  4. >He is so beautiful! I love his hat! wow, that was some day!

  5. >he is so beautiful and alert! I can feel the stress of the birth day in your post. Sureal indeed!

  6. >Welcome, Shane!I'm sorry that the day included so much stress, but I'm glad the the time post-birth was an improvment and that your recovery is going well. I'm just so happy for you and you new family unit!

  7. >SOunds like a crazy day but what a beautiful ending! Congratulations. I love the hat & matching stuffy. So cute. I hope you are recovering and finding your groove as a new mom!

  8. I love that end picture, adorable. Thanks for sharing your birth story.

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