welcome, s

SLM was born 12/21/09 at 4:01PM. 8 lbs, 20″ and totally perfect 🙂 Birth story to come.



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  1. >I've been waiting all day for this!! (;Congrats!! He's beautiful. I can't wait to hear your birth story!!!!!

  2. N

    >Beautiful! Congratulations!!

  3. >Hooray! Welcome, baby Shane. I am here to attest that your moms loved you before you were even a glimmer in their eyes. Way to pick a family, little dude!

  4. >Congratulations! Absolutely perfect and adorable!

  5. >Gorgeous! Congratulations!

  6. >Congrats!!! Looking forward to hearing the birth story.

  7. >Welcome beautiful Shane! Your mommies have worked so hard to bring you here and we are all so excited to meet you!

  8. >He is so beautiful! Congratulations!! So amazing! 🙂

  9. >He is too sweet and perfect for words. Those cheeks just beg to be kissed and I bet his moms have already nuzzled him about a million times!!!

  10. >Yippee! My phone won't let me see the pic but i'll log on later when we're off the train! So glad your gorgeous baby is here! Congratulations, mamas!

  11. >So very excited for you! congratulations to the mamas! Mr shane, you are so handsome, so lucky and soooo loved. What a perfect start to the holidays! Have a sensational week falling madly in love!Maria, Andi Eme and Marlo

  12. >So cute. I just love it when they're little puddings like that.

  13. >He is too beautiful! Congratulations!

  14. >Shane is gorgeous! Keep those pictures coming

  15. >Congrats mamas! Shane is so beautiful! Looking forward to the birth story post!

  16. >Congratulations!! He's beautiful. Can't wait to read about his journey to the outside world.

  17. >So beautiful! I hope you are all recovering well. Congrats!!!

  18. >total gorgeousness now I can see the picture! I am a convert!

  19. >AAhhh! He is gorgeous! Congrats!

  20. >I love Shanie! He is so adorable.

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