travel woes – update

My parents are having a hell of a time getting here today. My mom’s flight got delayed and she missed her connection, but she is supposed to be getting on another flight and getting here around 9PM. Here’s hoping! My dad’s flight got delayed 3 times and then finally got cancelled. He is booked on another flight tomorrow morning. Please let the weather cooperate!

My dad said my niece drew a picture of her and S and wrote their names at the top. How cute is that?

Update: My mom is on her flight! So she will make it today.


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3 responses to “travel woes – update

  1. >Here's hopIng for their safe arrival!

  2. >Oh, just awful. I hope they are both safely with you now.

  3. >I'm sure your parents have safely arrived by now!!GOOD LUCK TODAY!! I can't wait for your next update!!

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