OB appt and Christmas tree

I had my last OB appointment this morning. It was uneventful – all is checking out well. Today I measured 39″, which is up an inch from last week. Oy! I got my paperwork for the hospital and am just biding my time. S continues to be very active. I believe he has run out of room and is possibly as uncomfortable in there as I am out here!

I can’t believe Jen has probably already had her baby! So exciting!
Here are a couple of pics of our tree, followed by one of Casper enjoying his evening cuddle session before the baby comes and disrupts his routine 🙂




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5 responses to “OB appt and Christmas tree

  1. >I love love love your tree! We have the same style (: Lots of color and tons of ornaments!! We switched to LED this year and I miss our old lights so much… its just not the same and seeing your tree proves it! Sigh. So Jen beat us both… Monday for you and then the NEXT Monday for me!! How exciting!!

  2. >You look so cute! You look quite petite for an about to deliver lady!That tree is awesome and Casper the cat is sweet! What does it mean that you measure 39"? what is that the circumference of? Good luck for Monday – I'll be hoping all goes well:)xoxox

  3. >you look great! what a sweet christmas/pregnancy photo!!

  4. >Great photos! My cat Bunny, looks just like your Casper and he is mighty disappointed that HIS lap disappeared a long time ago! Casper is lucky!

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