last date

DW and I decided to forget all of the housework we still need to do before my parents arrive on Friday and instead went on a daytime date! We went to a local restaurant for lunch and then went to The Arclight Theater in Hollywood and saw the new Pedro Almodovar movie Broken Embraces. We went shopping at Amoeba for Christmas music before the movie and I was having some kind of intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I wondered if they were the real deal a couple of times, but figured it would be much more intense if it were actual labor. Guess I was right as it did go away.

We are big Almodovar fans, but we agreed that this new release wasn’t up to par. It was actually rather boring. On our way back to the car, though, we had a celebrity sighting! Kate Moennig! Surely you ladies know who that is 🙂 She is short and tiny in real life. For some reason, I thought she’d be kind of tall as she appears so lanky on TV. It’s always fun to have a celebrity sighting, even though it happens somewhat frequently. Nerds!
ION, I have a cankle! One of my ankles is noticably swollen and the other might be a tad swollen as well. Baby is really bothering me today – I can feel a little foot up under my rib and it hurts. Even a bath didn’t quite do the trick and that is usually a way to get super relaxed and feeling good. I think it’s going to be super uncomfortable for the rest of my pregnancy, which is not very long to go now! Also, I added a 37 week belly shot to my previous post.
Next up:
  • Last OB appointment Wednesday
  • Parents arrive Friday
  • S is born next Monday (!!!!!)


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4 responses to “last date

  1. >Oh my goodness, from this end your pregnancy has passed in a flash. Only 1 week until you meet her (and she stops with the rib dancing). You must be getting so excited.

  2. >Thanks for posting about the Almodovar movie. We were thinking about seeing it, but somehow it wasn't calling out to me and I love his movies. We'll save it for Netflix.Ohhhh…you saw SHANE. Hot on film, but still way too skinny. For me.I can't believe you are a week away. Wow, time does fly, doesn't it. It takes forever to get there and then bam, suddenly it's all upon you.Hope this last week isn't too uncomfortable.

  3. >Wow, that's cool you saw Shane (er, Kate). Your belly pic is beautiful! Can't believe you are a week away! Soooo exciting!

  4. >That is a very impressive celebrity sighting…!!! I would make an ass out of myself if I ran into her. That's for sure. D and I are bad with celebrity stalking during the film fest here and have noted that most celebrities are tiny little people that are made to look much larger on screen.

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