braxton hicks?

Last night in the early evening I had what felt like a few semi-strong contractions (lower abdomen seized up and had me doubled over briefly). It happened a couple of more times within about 2 hours, but then it went away. I was worried for a second that maybe baby had ideas of coming early! I looked up Braxton Hicks contractions versus regular contractions and it seems like what I had was more like regular in terms of how it felt, but more like BH in terms of it going away rather than getting stronger. It just made this all feel more real and like it could really happen any old time. I was also feeling strong baby movement, so it was kind of hard to tell what was actually going on. I figured if I were in labor, I’d certainly know it soon enough! It made me nervous, though, as I’m not supposed to go into labor. My OB told me to call if I had any signs of labor, so it was kind of anxiety-making as I don’t want to err on either side (calling with a false alarm or calling too late and having problems).

Today we are going to have my MiL over to decorate the tree. I love seeing all our ornaments every year. We do a woodland animals themed tree and last year, MiL bought me a big black bear to put by the tree that I had admired at a Christmas store. It will be so cute to photograph S next to it each year to chart his growth. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done.
Salvation Army came yesterday and hauled a bunch of crap away. We’re making room! This weekend, we need to go through the closet in our office and see what we can get rid of in there. I’ll be glad when we’re done with the nesting. I’m tired!


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3 responses to “braxton hicks?

  1. >My midwife told me that, if I started experiencing contractions, I should drink as much water as I could stand and then try to relax in the bath/shower. If they weren't labor-producing contractions, they would probably go away.Good luck! Very excited for all three of you.

  2. >Your tree sounds so cute! Pictures please! I hope you don't get any more scares like that with the contractions. Could you call your OB during regular hours and let her know what has been happening so she can give you some pointers or advice? Good luck and congrats on your big clear out. That must feel so good!

  3. >i promise, i haven't forgotten about you! I'm sending the bib this week!

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